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React components are so fucking stupid, it's unbelievable. 3 months with this library version 15 and the glaring stupidity of the API just keeps coming in waves. Fixing some of this stuff – just for the sake of internal consistency – would have been so simple. The number of hoops you're required to jump through for trivial shit. Ugh.
const mounted = new WeakSet()
export default const unfucker = (component, displayName = component.displayName || || 'React.Component') => {
const host = {
[displayName] : class extends React.Component {
this.state = {}
component.apply(this, arguments)
setState(partial, callback){
this.state = Object.assign({}, this.state, typeof partial === 'function' ? partial(this.state, this.props) : partial)
this.setState = React.Component.prototype.setState
return component.prototype.componentDidMount.apply(this, arguments)
return this.props.children || []
const output = component.prototype.render.apply(this, arguments)
if(this.props.key && output.key === null)
output.key = key
return host[displayName];

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zlatnaspirala Jun 21, 2018

I really glad , i am not alone !

I really glad , i am not alone !

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