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mbuhot / FSharpConverters.fs
Last active Dec 9, 2019
System.Text.Json converters for F# Option, List and Map types
View FSharpConverters.fs
namespace System.Text.Json
open System
open System.Collections.Generic
open System.Text.Json.Serialization
// Converts Option<T> to/from JSON by projecting to null or T
type OptionValueConverter<'T>() =
inherit JsonConverter<'T option>()
gregmac / $PROFILE\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1
Last active Dec 12, 2019
PowerShell Set-WindowTitle profile config
View $PROFILE\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1
# Import posh-git (if installed via scoop)
$poshGitModule = "$HOME\scoop\apps\posh-git\current\posh-git.psd1";
if (Test-Path $poshGitModule) { Import-Module $poshGitModule }
# msbuild convenience alias
Set-Alias MSBuild 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Professional\MSBuild\Current\Bin\MSBuild.exe'
# bash-style completion
Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler -Key Tab -Function Complete
#Set-PSReadlineOption -ShowToolTips
swlaschin /
Last active May 28, 2020
Effective F#, tips and tricks


  • Use Onion architecture

    • Dependencies go inwards. That is, the Core domain doesn't know about outside layers
  • Use pipeline model to implement workflows/use-cases/stories

    • Business logic makes decisions
    • IO does storage with minimal logic
    • Keep Business logic and IO separate
    • Keep IO at edges
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Lost from

When I switched over the C# compiler team, I had hoped that I would be able to give some insight into how the design team works, what decisions we make, etc. Language design is a very esoteric field, and there's not a lot written about it (though “Design and evolution of C++“ is a pretty good read). I had hoped that I would be able to do this with concrete examples, as that makes it much easier.

I've been watching for candidate topics to write about, but haven't yet come up with any good ones. One of the problems is that features have a tendency to morph in design (and in whether they'll make it into Whidbey) as time goes by, and it would be bad for me to say, “we're talking about doing“ and then have us decide it wasn't a good idea. Or, for us to decide that doesn't fit into our schedule, or it would break existing code, or any of the other reasons that might cause us to pull a feature. We're generally not comfortable re

davidfowl / Example1.cs
Last active May 26, 2020
How .NET Standard relates to .NET Platforms
View Example1.cs
namespace Analogy
/// <summary>
/// This example shows that a library that needs access to target .NET Standard 1.3
/// can only access APIs available in that .NET Standard. Even though similar the APIs exist on .NET
/// Framework 4.5, it implements a version of .NET Standard that isn't compatible with the library.
/// </summary>INetCoreApp10
class Example1
public void Net45Application(INetFramework45 platform)

To enable parallel build for F# projects in Visual Studio 2013, add a string parameter named IsMultiThreadedBuildEnabled with value 1 into key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0_Config\Projects\{f2a71f9b-5d33-465a-a702-920d77279786}

(replace 12.0_Config with 14.0_Config for VS 2015)

Note: At some point this setting may disappear, it seems Visual Studio may erase it. So, you should check whether it's there before run VS.

ptrelford / TwitterDataScience.fsx
Last active Aug 29, 2015
FsiBot Data Science Prototype
View TwitterDataScience.fsx
#r "System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll"
#r @"..\packages\FSharp.Charting.0.90.7\lib\net40\FSharp.Charting.dll"
#r @"..\packages\FSharp.Data.2.0.14\lib\net40\FSharp.Data.dll"
open FSharp.Data
open FSharp.Charting
let wb = WorldBankData.GetDataContext()
type Indicator = Runtime.WorldBank.Indicator
type Indicators = WorldBankData.ServiceTypes.Indicators
isaacabraham / idiomaticjsonserialiser.fs
Created Sep 7, 2014
This JSON.Net converter handles F# discriminated unions with more "idiomatic" JSON than what is generated by the current version of JSON .NET. Option types and single case DUs are transparently handled, and tuple-style properties are used rather than array notation.
View idiomaticjsonserialiser.fs
namespace Newtonsoft.Json.Converters
open Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection
open Newtonsoft.Json
open System
type IdiomaticDuConverter() =
inherit JsonConverter()
View gist:8943d1b0f884f88bd8ae
#r @"c:\prg\Fuchu\Fuchu\bin\Debug\Fuchu.dll" //
open System
open Fuchu
// Write your tests as a list of string * Async<unit>
let tests = [
"Check google response", async {
use client = new System.Net.WebClient()
let! a = client.AsyncDownloadString (Uri(""))
View SampleDeclarativeProjection.cs
public static class PlaceHolderForProjections {
public static readonly PortfolioProjection = TSql.Projection().
When<PortfolioAdded>(@event =>
"INSERT INTO [Portfolio] (Id, Name) VALUES (@P1, @P2)",
new { P1 = TSql.Int(@event.Id), P2 = TSql.NVarChar(@event.Name, 40) }
When<PortfolioRemoved>(@event =>
"DELETE FROM [Portfolio] WHERE Id = @P1",
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