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Last active May 25, 2023 06:15
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Small python script to rename variables in a TensorFlow checkpoint
import sys, getopt
import tensorflow as tf
usage_str = 'python --checkpoint_dir=path/to/dir/ ' \
'--replace_from=substr --replace_to=substr --add_prefix=abc --dry_run'
def rename(checkpoint_dir, replace_from, replace_to, add_prefix, dry_run):
checkpoint = tf.train.get_checkpoint_state(checkpoint_dir)
with tf.Session() as sess:
for var_name, _ in tf.contrib.framework.list_variables(checkpoint_dir):
# Load the variable
var = tf.contrib.framework.load_variable(checkpoint_dir, var_name)
# Set the new name
new_name = var_name
if None not in [replace_from, replace_to]:
new_name = new_name.replace(replace_from, replace_to)
if add_prefix:
new_name = add_prefix + new_name
if dry_run:
print('%s would be renamed to %s.' % (var_name, new_name))
print('Renaming %s to %s.' % (var_name, new_name))
# Rename the variable
var = tf.Variable(var, name=new_name)
if not dry_run:
# Save the variables
saver = tf.train.Saver(), checkpoint.model_checkpoint_path)
def main(argv):
checkpoint_dir = None
replace_from = None
replace_to = None
add_prefix = None
dry_run = False
opts, args = getopt.getopt(argv, 'h', ['help=', 'checkpoint_dir=', 'replace_from=',
'replace_to=', 'add_prefix=', 'dry_run'])
except getopt.GetoptError:
for opt, arg in opts:
if opt in ('-h', '--help'):
elif opt == '--checkpoint_dir':
checkpoint_dir = arg
elif opt == '--replace_from':
replace_from = arg
elif opt == '--replace_to':
replace_to = arg
elif opt == '--add_prefix':
add_prefix = arg
elif opt == '--dry_run':
dry_run = True
if not checkpoint_dir:
print('Please specify a checkpoint_dir. Usage:')
rename(checkpoint_dir, replace_from, replace_to, add_prefix, dry_run)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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npit commented Jul 15, 2017

Thank you for this.

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spacetrain commented Aug 3, 2017

Thanks for this!
Just one thing is that this script will not save a variable if its name does not contain "replace_from"
So I modified lines 23, 24 to this,

        if new_name == var_name:
            print('%s remains unchanged' % var_name)
            var = tf.Variable(var, name=new_name)


P.S. Ah,, I just noticed that already @bver commented on this. =)

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batzner commented Aug 24, 2017

Thanks @bver and @spacetrain, I changed it!

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Thanks a lot. It's exactly what I have been finding for a long time!

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clarken92 commented Nov 27, 2017

Thank you for sharing the code. It's very helpful

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fvisin commented Dec 20, 2017

Thanks a lot, great script!!
I improved it a little adding a few other options to look for a specific key (variable name) and to compare the variables in two checkpoints.
In case it can be of some help:

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thank you for your great helpful code!!!

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Thank you, this code is so coooooooooooool :)

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I got an Error: ValueError: GraphDef cannot be larger than 2GB.

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Thanks for your cool code, but I got this error,, checkpoint.model_checkpoint_path) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'model_checkpoint_path'
however, the conversion has actually done.
Why is it?

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Thank you

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I wrote a loop with the rename function:

    for i in range(1,7):  # expaned_conv_i
        node_name = V_HEAD_EX + "_" + str(i + n_to_add) + "/"
        to_node_name = V_UPPER_HEAD_EX + "_" + str(i) + "/"
        rename(checkpointdir, node_name, to_node_name, dry_run=dry_run)

but the variable have them duplicated with a suffix "_1"

Renaming     MobilenetV3/expanded_conv_9/depthwise/BatchNorm/moving_mean to
Renaming     MobilenetV3/expanded_conv_9/depthwise/BatchNorm/moving_mean_1 to
Renaming     MobilenetV3/expanded_conv_9/depthwise/BatchNorm/moving_variance to
Renaming     MobilenetV3/expanded_conv_9/depthwise/BatchNorm/moving_variance_1 to

Anyone knows why it's happening?

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