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Generate some seasonal CSS with Stylish
# To get the Stylish gem:
# sudo gem install ionfish-stylish -s
require 'rubygems'
require 'stylish'
style = Stylish.generate do
rule :season do
a :color => :link
rule "a:hover", :color => :hover
seasons = [{:season => ".autumn", :link => "90211c", :hover => "bb5f1b"},
{:season => ".winter", :link => "16335f", :hover => "5a9bce"},
{:season => ".spring", :link => "448e1c", :hover => "6bcf35"},
{:season => ".summer", :link => "c8ad1a", :hover => "d3482c"}]
seasons.each do |season|
puts style.to_s(season)
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