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Created December 4, 2012 16:03
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Python: Streaming Gzip reader
import zlib
import string
BLOCK_SIZE = 16384
"""Read block size"""
"""zlib window buffer size, set to gzip's format"""
class GzipInputStream(object):
Simple class that allow streaming reads from GZip files.
Python 2.x gzip.GZipFile relies on .seek() and .tell(), so it
doesn't support this (@see:
Adapted from:
def __init__(self, fileobj):
Initialize with the given file-like object.
@param fileobj: file-like object,
self._file = fileobj
self._zip = zlib.decompressobj(WINDOW_BUFFER_SIZE)
self._offset = 0 # position in unzipped stream
self._data = ""
def __fill(self, num_bytes):
Fill the internal buffer with 'num_bytes' of data.
@param num_bytes: int, number of bytes to read in (0 = everything)
if not self._zip:
while not num_bytes or len(self._data) < num_bytes:
data =
if not data:
self._data = self._data + self._zip.flush()
self._zip = None # no more data
self._data = self._data + self._zip.decompress(data)
def __iter__(self):
return self
def seek(self, offset, whence=0):
if whence == 0:
position = offset
elif whence == 1:
position = self._offset + offset
raise IOError("Illegal argument")
if position < self._offset:
raise IOError("Cannot seek backwards")
# skip forward, in blocks
while position > self._offset:
if not - self._offset, BLOCK_SIZE)):
def tell(self):
return self._offset
def read(self, size=0):
if size:
data = self._data[:size]
self._data = self._data[size:]
data = self._data
self._data = ""
self._offset = self._offset + len(data)
return data
def next(self):
line = self.readline()
if not line:
raise StopIteration()
return line
def readline(self):
# make sure we have an entire line
while self._zip and "\n" not in self._data:
self.__fill(len(self._data) + 512)
pos = string.find(self._data, "\n") + 1
if pos <= 0:
def readlines(self):
lines = []
while True:
line = self.readline()
if not line:
return lines
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