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Last active September 25, 2018 11:44
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# cribed from this post
dns-sd -E # gets your member id for icloud
# SSH command
ssh -2 -6 [USERNAME]@[COMPUTER NAME].[account number]
# ~/.ssh/config
Host mac-remote

Safer Magento Registration Emails

This is a little idea for a module maybe for a hackathon or something. Magento includes passwords in plain text in registration emails by default. In some cases you can just suppress the password, but in other cases you can't - for example if you have customer service reps creating accounts over the phone that need to generate password and send them to customers.

So - how about integrating with to send email passwords, or perhaps generating temporary password that expire after a day or two, requiring them to use the forgot password if they didn't login by that time.

beejhuff /
Created October 27, 2017 02:06 — forked from jed/
How to set up stress-free SSL on an OS X development machine

How to set up stress-free SSL on an OS X development machine

One of the best ways to reduce complexity (read: stress) in web development is to minimize the differences between your development and production environments. After being frustrated by attempts to unify the approach to SSL on my local machine and in production, I searched for a workflow that would make the protocol invisible to me between all environments.

Most workflows make the following compromises:

  • Use HTTPS in production but HTTP locally. This is annoying because it makes the environments inconsistent, and the protocol choices leak up into the stack. For example, your web application needs to understand the underlying protocol when using the secure flag for cookies. If you don't get this right, your HTTP development server won't be able to read the cookies it writes, or worse, your HTTPS production server could pass sensitive cookies over an insecure connection.

  • Use production SSL certificates locally. This is annoying

beejhuff /
Created October 26, 2016 00:16 — forked from phips/
VMware Fusion Ansible dynamic inventory
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import subprocess
import re
import string
import json
import simplejson as json
beejhuff / magento-nginx.conf
Created October 15, 2016 08:27 — forked from gwillem/magento-nginx.conf
Battle-tested Nginx configuration for Magento (source:
# This is an annotated subset of the Nginx configuration from our Magento production platform @
# See
# !!!! If you are a Hypernode customer, do not use this config as it will result in duplicate statements. !!!!!
user app;
worker_processes 4;
pid /var/run/;
events {
beejhuff / onename.txt
Created October 13, 2016 06:57
OneName Blockstack ID
Verifying that "" is my Blockstack ID.
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2014 X.commerce, Inc. (
namespace Magento\Wishlist\Helper;
class Rss extends \Magento\Wishlist\Helper\Data
require Record
defmodule RssParserTest do
Record.defrecordp :xmlElement, Record.extract(:xmlElement, from_lib: "xmerl/include/xmerl.hrl")
Record.defrecordp :xmlText, Record.extract(:xmlText, from_lib: "xmerl/include/xmerl.hrl")
Record.defrecordp :xmlAttribute, Record.extract(:xmlAttribute, from_lib: "xmerl/include/xmerl.hrl")
use ExUnit.Case
def sample_atom_xml do