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bekozi / Foo.cpp
Created October 25, 2018 19:18 — forked from Luthaf/Foo.cpp
Calling C++ from Fortran
#include "Foo.hpp"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
Foo::Foo(int _a, int _b): a(_a), b(_b){
cout << "C++ side, constructor" << endl;
import netCDF4 as nc
import ocgis as ESMF
import numpy as np
from ocgis.vmachine.mpi import rank_print
IO_TAG = 111
import ocgis
from ocgis.test.base import create_gridxy_global, create_exact_field
# Path to the input ESRI Shapefile.
# PATH_SHP = '/home/benkoziol/l/data/bekozi-work/i53-jh-camel-watersheds/basin_set_full_res/HCDN_nhru_final_671.shp'
PATH_SHP = '/gcs/camels/basin_dataset_public_v1p2/shapefiles/merge/basinset_gf_nhru.shp'
# Path to example exact data for testing.
bekozi / logging.bash
Created March 1, 2018 23:30 — forked from goodmami/logging.bash
Basic logging commands for Linux shell scripts
## Simple logging mechanism for Bash
## Author: Michael Wayne Goodman <>
## Thanks: Jul for the idea to add a datestring. See:
## Thanks: @gffhcks for noting that inf() and debug() should be swapped,
## and that critical() used $2 instead of $1
from shapely.geometry import Point
import ocgis
path = '/path/to/'
lat_variable = 'XLAT'
lon_variable = 'XLONG'
lat_dimension = 'south_north'
lon_dimension = 'west_east'
import numpy
def get_masked_arr(arr, fill_val):
If a masked array is passed, this function does nothing.
If a filled array is passed (fill_value must be passed also), it will be transformed into a masked array.
if isinstance(arr, #