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haiku = ->
adjs = [
"autumn", "hidden", "bitter", "misty", "silent", "empty", "dry", "dark",
"summer", "icy", "delicate", "quiet", "white", "cool", "spring", "winter",
"patient", "twilight", "dawn", "crimson", "wispy", "weathered", "blue",
"billowing", "broken", "cold", "damp", "falling", "frosty", "green",
"long", "late", "lingering", "bold", "little", "morning", "muddy", "old",
"red", "rough", "still", "small", "sparkling", "throbbing", "shy",
"wandering", "withered", "wild", "black", "young", "holy", "solitary",
"fragrant", "aged", "snowy", "proud", "floral", "restless", "divine",
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def daemonize(name = File.basename($0), options = {})
pid_path = options[:pid_path] || File.expand_path("tmp/pids/#{name}.pid")
# If the pid file exists, check that the process is actually still running.
if File.exists?(pid_path) && Process.kill(0,
$stderr.puts "Already running."
exit 1
rescue Errno::ESRCH
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