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Last active August 8, 2020 15:52
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Dev Debate - debating viewers on tech topics


  1. We agree on a topic
  2. I debate someone for a max of 30 minutes
  3. At the end of Twitch chat votes who won

possible topics - suggestions welcome

stakes - suggestions welcome

  • If I win the other person has to gift a sub to me on Twitch otherwise I have to PayPal them $20
  • I'm open to other types of stakes as well

Record from past events

opponent topic result payout
Alistar Microservices vs Monoliths 1 subbed
DGK Go vs Node 1 TBD
Harry Wolff REST vs GraphQL 0 shoutout
Invisibleman94 (Chris with beard) PHP is good 0 gifted 4 subs
Xam Static vs Dynamic langs 1 gifted a sub
Xam Coffee vs Tea 0 fun
droven Arch Linux vs Mac 0 flow roast vid
epic boi is HTML bad? 1 fun
kingdario utility css is good? 1 fun
Sytten JWT vs Session 0 fun
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