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Example of using drafts in Jekyll

Let's say your Jekyll site's directory structure looks like:

|-- _config.yml
|-- _drafts/
|   |--
|-- _layouts/
|   |-- default.html
|-- _posts/
|   |-- 2013-05-10-a-published-post
|-- index.html

How to preview a draft post

Normally (and on GitHub Pages) Jekyll will ignore the posts in the _drafts folder, publishing only the posts in the _posts folder. If you run Jekyll locally with the --drafts flag (e.g., jekyll serve --drafts), Jekyll will include any posts in the _drafts folder, just as if they were published post (but don't worry, only locally).

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Updated !

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TheFox commented Sep 17, 2014

Is there a variable to check if a post is a draft or not? Something like post.draft but without using draft: true in each file.

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Now that GitHub Pages are limited to 10 builds per day, is it safe for me to assume that committing to the _drafts folder does not trigger a build?

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magicznyleszek commented Mar 25, 2017


It's not 10/day it's 10/h, as you can read at

GitHub Pages sites have a soft limit of 10 builds per hour.

And as for _drafts triggering a build, it doesn't really matter. Every commit to selected branch triggers a build

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The documentation says Drafts are posts without a date..

What does it mean?
Does it means I should remove the date field from the page:

title: 'Something Boring'
date: 2017-11-30
author: Someone
layout: post
class: news

Thank You.

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Mark-RSK commented Feb 23, 2018

@RoyiAvital The draft post will not appear in the site folder if it contains a date property and you are running with the --drafts switch. Remove the date property and it will output for testing

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|-- _config.yml
|-- _drafts/
|   |-- 2013-05-10-a-published-post
|-- _layouts/
|   |-- default.html
|-- assets/
|   |-- 2013-05-10-a-published-post/
|       |-- file.jpg
|-- index.html

Hi all, does anyone know whether it is actually possible to view a draft with a date in the filename?

The reason I'm asking this is because I use a script that takes the filename of my blog post (YYYY-MM-DD-post-name) to create a folder where I store my images, adding the date keeps the files neatly organised.

My scripts are based on taking the filename, which works if I write my drafts in the _posts folder but my jekyll blog doesn't seem to be able to find my drafts if I add date.


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