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An atomic, thread-safe incrementing counter for Python
"""An atomic, thread-safe incrementing counter."""
import threading
class AtomicCounter:
"""An atomic, thread-safe incrementing counter.
>>> counter = AtomicCounter()
>>> counter.increment()
>>> counter.increment(4)
>>> counter = AtomicCounter(42.5)
>>> counter.value
>>> counter.increment(0.5)
>>> counter = AtomicCounter()
>>> def incrementor():
... for i in range(100000):
... counter.increment()
>>> threads = []
>>> for i in range(4):
... thread = threading.Thread(target=incrementor)
... thread.start()
... threads.append(thread)
>>> for thread in threads:
... thread.join()
>>> counter.value
def __init__(self, initial=0):
"""Initialize a new atomic counter to given initial value (default 0)."""
self.value = initial
self._lock = threading.Lock()
def increment(self, num=1):
"""Atomically increment the counter by num (default 1) and return the
new value.
with self._lock:
self.value += num
return self.value
if __name__ == '__main__':
import doctest

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JustinDylan commented Aug 6, 2018

Thank you for this!!!!! Its saved my bacon, can you tell me how I would include this into a program running 4 threads? these are in order pulse counter, write to storage, send via wifi and monitor battery. These work individually and together apart from the counter, that breaks it! Thank you in advance

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