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Created March 4, 2017 18:40
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A pytest fixture to test Django data migrations
# based on
from django.db import connection
from django.db.migrations.executor import MigrationExecutor
import pytest
def migration(transactional_db):
This fixture returns a helper object to test Django data migrations.
The fixture returns an object with two methods;
- `before` to initialize db to the state before the migration under test
- `after` to execute the migration and bring db to the state after the migration
The methods return `old_apps` and `new_apps` respectively; these can
be used to initiate the ORM models as in the migrations themselves.
For example:
def test_foo_set_to_bar(migration):
old_apps = migration.before('my_app', '0001_inital')
Foo = old_apps.get_model('my_app', 'foo')
assert Foo.objects.count() == 1
assert Foo.objects.filter(bar=False).count() == Foo.objects.count()
# executing migration
new_apps = migration.apply('my_app', '0002_set_foo_bar')
Foo = new_apps.get_model('my_app', 'foo')
assert Foo.objects.filter(bar=False).count() == 0
assert Foo.objects.filter(bar=True).count() == Foo.objects.count()
Based on:
class Migrator(object):
def before(self, app, migrate_from, ):
""" Specify app and starting migration name as in:
before('app', '0001_before') => app/migrations/
""" = app
self.migrate_from = [(app, migrate_from)]
self.executor = MigrationExecutor(connection)
# prepare state of db to before the migration ("migrate_from" state)
self._old_apps = self.executor.loader.project_state(self.migrate_from).apps
return self._old_apps
def apply(self, app, migrate_to):
""" Migrate forwards to the "migrate_to" migration """
self.migrate_to = [(app, migrate_to)]
self.executor.loader.build_graph() # reload.
self._new_apps = self.executor.loader.project_state(self.migrate_to).apps
return self._new_apps
# ensure to migrate forward migrated apps all the way after test
def migrate_to_end():
for _ in range(len(apps)):
app = apps.pop()
# migrator.apply(app, '__latest__')
call_command('migrate', app, verbosity=0)
return Migrator()
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