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Bernhard Schäfer bernhardschaefer

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keys_to_remove = [
'module.roi_heads.mask.predictor.mask_fcn_logits.weight', # mask
'module.roi_heads.mask.predictor.mask_fcn_logits.bias' # mask
def trim_maskrcnn_benchmark_model(model_path: str, trimmed_model_path: str):
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-- This creates a shim Application that will enable you to open files from the Finder in vim using iTerm
-- To use this script:
-- 1. Open Automator and create a new Application
-- 2. Add the "Run Applescript" action
-- 3. Paste this script into the Run Applescript section
-- 4. Save the application as in your Applications folder
-- 5. In the Finder, right click on a file and select "Open With". In that window you can set TerminalVim as a default
on run {input, parameters}
# Minimum TODOs on a per job basis:
# 1. define name, application jar path, main class, queue and path
# 2. remove properties not applicable to your Spark version (Spark 1.x vs. Spark 2.x)
# 3. tweak num_executors, executor_memory (+ overhead), and backpressure settings
# the two most important settings:
# Spark Streaming Logging Configuration
# See also:
log4j.rootLogger=INFO, stderr
# application namespace configuration, stdout
# Write all logs to standard Spark stderr file
View SparkTimerExample.scala
import org.apache.spark.groupon.metrics.UserMetricsSystem
import org.apache.spark.groupon.metrics.SparkTimer
import org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD
class SparkTimerExample[T] {
lazy val timer: SparkTimer = UserMetricsSystem.timer("BulkPutTimer")
def bulkPut(rdd: RDD[T]) = {
rdd.foreachPartition(partitionOfRecords => {
val timerCtx = timer.time()
View spark-streaming-hdfs-marker-file.scala
val checkpointDirectory = "hdfs:///path/to/checkpoint/dir"
def main(args: Array[String]) {
// Get StreamingContext from checkpoint data or create a new one
val context = StreamingContext.getOrCreate(checkpointDirectory, functionToCreateContext _)
// Start the context