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# /usr/bin/env ruby
# etc...
PAIRS.each do |pair|
cmd = "bash -c 'diff <(git show #{pair[0]} -U0 --format=\"\" | grep -v \"^index\") <(git show #{pair[1]} -U0 --format=\"\" | grep -v \"^index\") | grep -v \"> @@ \" | grep -v \"< @@ \" | grep -v \"^---$\" '"
result = `#{cmd}`.chomp
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/* Adapted from
* 1. Go to chrome://settings-frame/passwords
* 2. Paste the following into the JS console:
var decryptedRow="";
var pm = PasswordManager.getInstance();
var model = pm.savedPasswordsList_.dataModel;
var pl = pm.savedPasswordsList_;
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# Dequeueing ActiveJob tasks in the context of your Rails application?
# An alternative is to run a standalone ActiveJob process.
# But making it dequeue and send devise emails isn't so simple.
# Devise is designed to be integrated into a Rails application, not a standalone ActiveJob process.
# Before we address configuring the standalone ActiveJob process,
# there's some code that needs to go into your Rails app.
# Put this in each model in your Rails application:
View failing-test-rails-issue-20882.rb
require 'bundler/inline'
rescue LoadError => e
$stderr.puts 'Bundler version 1.10 or later is required. Please update your Bundler'
raise e
gemfile(true) do
source ''
gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails'
View Gemfile
source ''
gem "activerecord", "~> 4.2"
gem "sqlite3"
gem "rspec"
View Gemfile
source ""
gem "activerecord", "= 4.2.0"
gem "actionview", "= 4.2.0"
gem "sqlite3"
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var updateApk = function(apkUrl) {
var downloader = require("com.mykingdom.downloader").createAsyncDownloader({
filesToDownload: [{url : apkUrl}],
outputDirectory: Ti.Filesystem.getFile("file:///mnt/sdcard/download"),
enableNotification: true, notificationId: 1, notificationTitle: "Downloading new APK" // Optional
downloader.addEventListener("error", function(event){
alert(event.error + " : While downloading file at (index 0 based) = " + event.currentIndex);
downloader.addEventListener("onload", function(event){
View fixbash.rb
require 'sshkit'
require 'sshkit/coordinator'
require 'sshkit/host'
require 'sshkit/dsl'
SSHKit::Backend::Netssh.configure do |backend|
backend.pty = true
def echo_vulnerability(host, issue)
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require 'aws-sdk'
require 'bcdatabase'
config = Bcdatabase.load[:secrets, :paperclip_s3]
BUCKET =[config['bucket']]
require 'find'
Find.find('public/system/') { |f|
View just_log_env.rb
class JustLogEnv
def initialize(app)
@app = app
def call(env) env.inspect