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Last active August 10, 2020 00:51
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class Talk private constructor(id: String,
title: String,
duration: Duration) {
val id = notBlank(id, "Cannot create a Talk is a blank id")!!
val title = notBlank(title, "Cannot create a Talk is a blank title")!!
val duration = notNegative(duration)
val format = TalkFormat.ofDuration(duration)
enum class TalkFormat(val format: String, val durationRange: ClosedRange<Duration>) {
IGNITE("IGNITE", ofMinutes(1).rangeTo(ofMinutes(10).minusNanos(1))),
QUICKIE("QUICKIE", ofMinutes(10).rangeTo(ofMinutes(20).minusNanos(1))),
TOOL_IN_ACTION("TOOL_IN_ACTION", ofMinutes(20).rangeTo(ofMinutes(40).minusNanos(1))),
CONFERENCE("CONFERENCE", ofMinutes(40).rangeTo(ofMinutes(60).minusNanos(1))),
UNIVERSITY("UNIVERSITY", ofHours(1).rangeTo(ofHours(4)));
companion object Converter {
fun ofDuration(duration: Duration): TalkFormat {
isTrue(lessThanTheMinimumDuration(duration), "Duration is less than expected")
return values()
.singleOrNull { duration.isInRange(it.durationRange) }
private fun lessThanTheMinimumDuration(duration: Duration): Boolean {
val firstRange = IGNITE.durationRange
return duration.coerceIn(firstRange) != firstRange.start
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