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How to setup eslint for Meteor project


  • install dependencies
  • setup .eslintrc to the root of your project
  • run eslint .


Install all needed dependencies

bf4648 / ios-sms.sql
Created Jan 29, 2021 — forked from duncansmart/ios-sms.sql
Query to extract iOS Messages from backup
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-- Do a backup to iTunes and open "%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\*\3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28" as a SQLite database
SELECT chat.chat_identifier, message.is_from_me, datetime( + 978307201, 'unixepoch') as date, message.text
FROM chat
JOIN chat_message_join on chat.ROWID = chat_message_join.chat_id
JOIN message on message.ROWID = chat_message_join.message_id
order by
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unmap x
# Searches
map c Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=d
map ; Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=l
map w Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=w
map t Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=g
map yt Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=y
map a Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=a
map gh Vomnibar.activateInNewTab keyword=gh
bf4648 / reconnect-on-disconnect.js
Created Jan 26, 2021 — forked from taf2/reconnect-on-disconnect.js
mongoose node.js reconnect code
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var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var db = mongoose.connect("mongodb://localhost/testdb");
var reconnTimer = null;
function tryReconnect() {
reconnTimer = null;
console.log("try to connect: %d", mongoose.connection.readyState);
db = mongoose.connect("mongodb://localhost/testdb");
bf4648 / after_res_hooks.js
Created Jan 26, 2021 — forked from pasupulaphani/after_res_hooks.js
Mongoose connection best practices
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var db = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost:27017/DB');
// In middleware
app.use(function (req, res, next) {
// action after response
var afterResponse = function() {{req: req}, "End request");
// any other clean ups
bf4648 /
Created Jan 25, 2021 — forked from 99darwin/
Deploy Meteor App with MUP and Migrate Local MongoDB to Remote Server

Deploy Meteor app and migrate the built-in, local MongoDB to a remote server where the app is hosted.

It took me days to actually get this working, so I figured I would write out the steps I took to finally resolve the issue for my own assistance in the future and, hopefully, to help others who encounter this problem.

Create .deploy folder in your app's directory

cd .deploy
mup init

Configure the mup.js file to match your configuration. Here's an extremely basic example:

bf4648 /
Created Dec 2, 2020 — forked from nate-strauser/
Email configuration to Amazon SES with Meteor on Heroku

Follow instructions below to get meteor emails sending correctly from heroku using amazon ses

  1. set up smtp access via aws console, get your smtp credentials

  2. using a javascript console (chrome dev tools / firebug) run



bf4648 / shp2geojson.js
Created Nov 17, 2020 — forked from springmeyer/shp2geojson.js
shapefile to geojson in node.js with mapnik
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var geojsonStream = require('geojson-stream');
var mapnik = require('mapnik');
var fs = require('fs');
var input = 'test/data/world_merc.shp';
var output = './out.geojson';
// set up geojson output stream
var fileOut = fs.createWriteStream(output);
var geojsonOut = geojsonStream.stringify();
bf4648 /
Created Sep 12, 2020 — forked from lornajane/
Keyboard Only OS X

Keyboard-only Mac Cheatsheet

Hi, I'm Lorna and I don't use a mouse. I have had RSI issues since a bad workstation setup at work in 2006. I've tried a number of extra hardware modifications but what works best for me is to use the keyboard and only the keyboard, so I'm in a good position and never reaching for anything else (except my coffee cup!). I rather unwisely took a job which required me to use a mac (I've been a linux user until now and also had the ability to choose my tools carefully) so here is my cheatsheet of the apps, tricks and keyboard shortcuts I'm using, mostly for my own reference. Since keyboard-only use is also great for productivity, you may also find some of these ideas useful, in which case at least something good has come of this :)

Apps List

There's more detail on a few of these apps but here is a quick overview of the tools I've installed and found helpful

Tool Link Comments