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Last active Feb 17, 2018

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Wordpress: Bash Install Script -- Downloads latest WP version, updates wp-config with user supplied DB name, username and password, creates and CHMOD's uploads dir, copies all the files into the root dir you run the script from, then deletes itself!
#!/bin/bash -e
echo "============================================"
echo "WordPress Install Script"
echo "============================================"
echo "Database Name: "
read -e dbname
echo "Database User: "
read -e dbuser
echo "Database Password: "
read -s dbpass
echo "run install? (y/n)"
read -e run
if [ "$run" == n ] ; then
echo "============================================"
echo "A robot is now installing WordPress for you."
echo "============================================"
#download wordpress
curl -O
#unzip wordpress
tar -zxvf latest.tar.gz
#change dir to wordpress
cd wordpress
#copy file to parent dir
cp -rf . ..
#move back to parent dir
cd ..
#remove files from wordpress folder
rm -R wordpress
#create wp config
cp wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php
#set database details with perl find and replace
perl -pi -e "s/database_name_here/$dbname/g" wp-config.php
perl -pi -e "s/username_here/$dbuser/g" wp-config.php
perl -pi -e "s/password_here/$dbpass/g" wp-config.php
#set WP salts
perl -i -pe'
@chars = ("a" .. "z", "A" .. "Z", 0 .. 9);
push @chars, split //, "!@#$%^&*()-_ []{}<>~\`+=,.;:/?|";
sub salt { join "", map $chars[ rand @chars ], 1 .. 64 }
s/put your unique phrase here/salt()/ge
' wp-config.php
#create uploads folder and set permissions
mkdir wp-content/uploads
chmod 775 wp-content/uploads
echo "Cleaning..."
#remove zip file
rm latest.tar.gz
#remove bash script
echo "========================="
echo "Installation is complete."
echo "========================="

bgallagh3r commented Mar 3, 2014

Add this to your ~/.bashrc
alias wpinstall="curl -L -o '' && bash" then source ~/.bashrc Go into a dir you want to install WP in and just type wpinstall It's that easy!

I've updated the URL to the gist in this comment, WP changed the latest.tar.gz to use HTTPS (finally) as such trying to grab a copy from http::// broke the script

Update: July 8 2015
I've modified the script to add the salts automatically now thanks to @emirpprime's fork.
the new command should be alias wpinstall="curl -L -o '' && bash"

Note that my script does NOT create the MySQL database for you as I currently use WHM/cPanel on our server to manage databases. If you want that functionality please use @emirpprime's fork here:

faddah commented Sep 12, 2014


i would like to use your bash shell script above, please, if that would be o.k., to run a wordpress install during a Vagrant/PuPHPet script of installing a VM on an AWS/EC2 server?

however, i do have a question, and please pardon my shell script ignorance here — i all ready know the db name, user name & password, have that all set-up, and Vagrant/PuPHPet will install the correct versions of PHP & MySQL for me. so i would like to just have the db, user name & and password in the script without any of the echo & read requests, and just have it do the install. so to do that, would i, instead of running...

echo "Database Name: "
read -e dbname

...etc., would i do it as variables like this —

$dbname = my_mysql_wordpress_db_name

...etc.? would that be how to do it?

or would i just delete all the echo & read stuff and put it somewhere in these statements —

#set database details with perl find and replace
perl -pi -e "s/database_name_here/[my_mysql_wordpress_db_name]/g" wp-config.php
perl -pi -e "s/username_here/[my_mysql_wordpress_db_user]/g" wp-config.php
perl -pi -e "s/password_here/[my_mysql_wordpress_db_password]/g" wp-config.php

if you could please advise on this, i would appreciate it. thank you in advance.


— faddah wolf
portland, oregon, u.s.a.


bgallagh3r commented Nov 20, 2014

@faddah I have no issue with you using this, as this is a script I found and altered to suit my needs.


bgallagh3r commented Nov 20, 2014

@faddah sorry I didn't see your comment until now... weird I wasn't notified, but you were correct in doing it the last way by just replacing the "s/database_name/" lines with the actual user/password info. I don't really recommend it, it would likely be better to use an env variable or something instead but to each their own.

Hi are you able to create the sql database in this script as well ?
Thanks and congrats works very nice.

@bgallaghr3 - really useful gist, thanks!

@brunogui81 - that's exactly what I wanted in too so added it in my fork
You'll probably need to modify it for your use (and that wasn't the only change), but it should get you going.

This is a fantastic script. One oddity I've noticed:

It seems like the password field being written to wp-config.php is stripping out meta characters. So if I enter a password that looks like: wordpr355u$3r, the dollar sign and the character following it are stripped out becoming:


I've tried something like:

perl -pi -e "s/password_here/\\Q${dbpass}/g" wp-config.php

But that doesn't solve the issue, and my Perl isn't very good. Any thoughts?

buluma commented Sep 2, 2015

I've been looking for such.. need to try it out

Here is another version with clear installation from scratch.
If you have just clean server on Debian or Ubuntu - than this script will be useful for you :)
It helps to create user, group, install and configure Apache, MySQL, firewall, latest version of WordPress, some popular plugins and some other stuff.

Hello, first I want to thanks for this script!
However, how to deal with password that contain special character?
e.g. when I type "P@$$word" at prompt, then it generate wp-config that contain:

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'p');

Great script thank you

zorbsOne commented Oct 6, 2017

Mint script, thanks.

dariushzamani commented Oct 10, 2017

hi, i want install wordpress after user creat acount in whmcs ? is posible
dbf name, and user and password is not important, just install wordpress account with username, password same whmcs username and password , and email username and pasword wordpress email for user account whmcs .
thank you

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