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David Porter bighappyface

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bighappyface / cssRules.js
Created Feb 6, 2017
Javascript for harvesting computed styles on a page
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var cssRules = function(){
var filter = Array.prototype.filter;
var map =;
var rules ='*'), function(element){
return element.ownerDocument.defaultView.getMatchedCSSRules(element,'');
var items ={
list = list || [];
return, function(rule){
bighappyface / tor_country_exit
Created Jul 12, 2015
TorBrowser Country Exit Node Settings
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echo "ExitNodes {US}" >> /Applications/
bighappyface / jenkins-drush-ups.bash
Created Nov 19, 2014
Bash to used for a jenkins job check for drupal and module updates with drush
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# prints the list
drush ups
# wraps the same command but to return pass/fail exit code
[ `drush ups --pipe | wc -l` -eq 0 ]
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cat sometext | jq '.offering.product[].productCharacteristics.productCharacteristic[].name' | sort | uniq | tr "\\n" ","
produces comma-separated list
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