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Blinks Dev-Kit
Validation Test for Dev Kit Blinks
4 modes for testing
1. Verify RGB on all 6 faces together
2. Verify RGB on each of the 6 faces individually
3. Verify communication w/ awake neighbors
4. Verify cold sleep (<0.2µA)
* Take on the color of the dominant Blink attached
byte myState = 0;
Color colors[] = { BLUE, RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN};
const byte myState_count = COUNT_OF (colors);
bool errorFlag[ FACE_COUNT ];
bigjosh / RingAnimationDebug.ino
Last active December 1, 2017 16:45 — forked from jbobrow/RingAnimationDebug.ino
Looking to have a circular fade rotating at a specific speed of degrees per second.
* Speed up the rotation of LEDs lights or slow down based on button press
#include "blinklib.h"
#include "Serial.h"
ServicePortSerial Serial;
#define MS_PER_S (1000)
* Color By Number/Neigbor
* An example showing how to use the blinkstate library.
* Each Blink broadcasts 1 to its neighbors, letting its neigbors know it's present.
* Each Blink displays a color based on the number of neighbors around it.
bigjosh / Blinks Send and Receive Test
Last active September 1, 2017 18:22 — forked from jbobrow/Blinks Send and Receive Test
Quick test for latest Arduino based Blinks API