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Ludum Dare 29 Best games list

Perfect games

  • ScubaBear (HTML5) - perfectly polished, the game is fun to play, and I really like the music changes depending on diving depth, and also the health bar is very original! Amazing to see so much good content created in three days! ScubaBear

  • Asteroid Tycoon (HTML5) - Fun to play, graphics are awesome, some nice humour too! The interface is pretty and convenient. Asteroid Tycoon

  • A Glorious Escape for A Lich King (FLASH) - A very good Tower Defence game, with a good interpretation of the theme "Beneath the surface". Graphics are nice too! Lich King

  • Damned Scouts (FLASH) - A little puzzle game that looks awesome, and has an awesome mood! Damned Scouts

  • Kitsuni (HTML5) - A beautiful puzzle games with beautiful graphics, and an atmospheric ambiance! Puzzles are really well designed. Kitsuni

  • Infection (WINDOWS,OSX,LINUX) - An awesome defence game, with powerful upgrades, powerful turrets. The game is really really fun, very dynamic, and graphics/particles/effects are awesome too! Infection

  • Beneath the City (FLASH) - A puzzle/adventure game that is incredibly well-designed and beautiful, amazing work for a 48h entry! Beneath the City

  • Hare's Harvest (FLASH) - Turn-based puzzle game, with original levels, and overall nice sounds/graphics. Hare

  • Drill18: The Mars Project (UNITY WEB,WINDOWS,OSX,LINUX) - Dig through the depths of Mars, while keeping a good healthy balance between work, leisure, food and sleep for your workers! A sort of fun tycoon game! Drill

  • Ripple Runner (FLASH) - Everything is perfect in this game, the graphics and music have an awesome 8-bit mood. The soundtrack is nice and well-synchronised with the levels! Ripple Runner

Beautiful games

  • Shady has to eat (WEB) - I really like the simple graphics and simple gameplay idea, it fits very well with the theme too! Shady

  • Leagues Above (FLASH) - A very simple concept that works amazing with the theme! I love the pastel colour palette! It's also very simple to play and fun (local two players) Leagues Above

  • The Sea Has No Claim (FLASH) - It took me some time to understand how this game works, but afterwards it was fun! A great concept, and the graphics are nice with their pixel-minimalist palette. The Sea Has No Claim

  • Digging up Daisy (FLASH) - I just found the mood and colours to fit nicely together! Digging up Daisy

  • Mr Fluffykin's Great Sorting Adventure (HTML5) - A fun (and stressing) game, that is very original and originally looking! Fluffykin

  • Basement (UNITY) - Graphics are amazing! Basement

  • Neath (UNITY,WINDOWS) - Stunning graphics! A short puzzle game, but the graphics are really beautiful, and give to the game an awesome mood! There's also some nice sounds effects (don't miss the radio!) Neath

Innovative games

  • Atomicle (HTML5) - The concept is quite original, especially the circular level. Simple vector graphics works perfect with the game too! Atomicle

  • Paddle Battle Pegasus (HTML5,WINDOWS,OSX,LINUX) - I really liked the graphics, and also the vortex (like the previous game Atomicle, I think I love circular or spherical maps!) Paddle

  • Army of Gnome (WEB) - Good pixel art, and very nice puzzles! The level design is awesome too! Army of Gnome

  • The Stanley Enigma (WEB) - A nice intriguing investigation, with an awesome mood (and also a spherical map :) ). While playing, I felt like I was reading a book and simultaneously watching a deeply moving movie in a cinema. The Stanley Enigma

  • Dream of Depth (FLASH) - A sort of platform RTS, which looks like having an elaborated history/context, and is not that simple to play! But it really feels like a polished RTS. Dream of Depth

  • Threading (WEB) - A simple-looking puzzle game that is innovative and also very hard! Threading

  • 0x1D (FLASH) - An awesome platformer-puzzle game where you have to change the properties of objects to finish the levels. 0x1D

Fun games

  • CRUDE (FLASH) - Drilling to find oil, in a fun tycoon game! Graphics are very coherent and with its humour it makes of CRUDE a very good game overall. CRUDE

  • They Beep (FLASH) - I think my first and biggest laughter of every Ludum Dare games! I was laughing during all the game haha, look at that main character walking animation! It looks awesome and hilarious! The plot and dialogs are hilarious too! They Beep

  • Aeronautical (WINDOWS,OSX,LINUX) - Feels like a very good arcade game, with a very nice take on the theme! Aeronautical

  • The Evil Tentacles! (HTML5) - The controls are difficult, but the game is good-looking and fun! The Evil Tentacles

  • Mine The Planet (WEB) - Resource management game, simple but fun to play! Mine The Planet


  • Ants at War (WINDOWS) - I don't want to put our game in any category, but you can still check it out haha :) Ants at War

Disclaimer: I have not put in the list the games I still have to test, and that look awesome!

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