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Sublime Text Cheatsheet
cmd-p Goto Anything ('@' for functions, ':' for line number)
cmd-r Function finder
ctl-g Goto line number
cmd-sft-p Command palette
cmd-sft-f Find in Files
cmd-opt-r Toggle regex when finding
cmd-opt-# Columns
ctr-# Switch columns
ctr-sft-# Move to column
cmd-ctr-r Reveal in sidebar (requires keybinding)
ctr-m jump to matching bracket
cmd-sft-space select scope (handy but conflicts with my Divvy)
ctr-sft-. erb tag* (requires keybinding)
cmd-ctr-a auto align*
cmd-sft-h goto documentation*
cmd-alt-f replace in file
cmd-l select current line
cmd-sft-d duplicate current line
cmd-sft-enter insert line before (after w/o sft)
cmd-ctr-g select all instances of selected word in file
cmd-d, repeat mutli-select word, progressively
cmd-shift-up move line up (also, down)
cmd-ctr-sft-f distraction-free editing
cmd-k, cmd-i create private gist*
cmd-j join lines
* requires package
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phoet commented Feb 12, 2012

if you are looking for the key-binding for "Reveal in Sidebar" add this to your "Key Bindings - User":

{ "keys": ["ctrl+super+r"], "command": "reveal_in_side_bar" }

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kajomarton commented Jul 10, 2012

only for explanation: super key means win key on Windows

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getvega commented May 1, 2013

Great list thanks. Just one addition on my side :
cmd-k, cmd-b toggle sidebar

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