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How to use a Huawei E3372 on OpenWRT

HOWTO use a Huawei E3372 on OpenWRT

This modem is also sold as a MegaFon M150-2 USB dongle

Needed Software

Install the needed packages via opkg tool

opkg update
opkg install kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether
opkg install usb-modeswitch


  • install software
  • reboot router
  • connect device
  • create a new network named lte
  • select the eth device of the dongle ( e.g eth1)
  • assign the network to firewall zone wan
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yjjie commented Dec 6, 2016

it shold be DHCP

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This worked for me. To mention that I assigned it as DHCP client and for me was eth2.

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it worked exactly like this for me. Thanx

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Does not work with dev build (reboot when eth1 goes up)

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how to select eth device of the dongle?

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Hello, I have a Huawei E3372H-510 modem on the T-Mobile network using a tablet/hotspot plan. When I plug the USB modem into my windows 10 PC directly and run I get 22-25 mbps and sometimes I can get 30mbps. Now if I connect the modem to the router, run the same (meaning same server as before) I only get 10 mbps-15mbps. Does the usb port on the AR150 router maybe not have full power for higher speeds? Maybe there is some software running on the router that is slowing down the traffic? This doesnt make sense. Btw both the router and the windows 10 pc have there TTL set to 65 so its not a network throttle issue. Some how the router is about 5-10 mbps slower then direct connection.

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work fine with Huawei E8372h-155 also

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I also had to change the name used when requesting dhcp. It was using "root" and was giving me errors. After I changed to "a", it worked just fine.

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Works like a charme, exactly as it is described here :)

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There is the option to force the 4G conection???


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Depends on the firmware of the lte dongle. There are modded firmwares available where you can select the allowed bands.
Open the interface via or

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I'm using the original firmware with Hilink:

Nombre del equipo: E3372
IMEI: xxxx
IMSI: xxxx
Vers. del hardware del: CL2E3372HM
Vers. del software del: 22.328.62.00.1217
Versión de UI web:
Dirección MAC de LAN: BA:AB:xx:xx
Dirección IP WAN: 172.xx.xx.xx

But with this IP I can check the configuration (and i think force the 4G mode)


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Also runs as described with the Huawei E5573 LTE Router. Thanks a lot.

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Still works like a charm, thank you.

Since I was struggling with the last items in the list, perhaps this will help someone in the future:

connect device

to verify that the device is connected, you should see something like this when logged in to the router:

root@OpenWrt:~# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 12d1:14dc HUAWEI_MOBILE HUAWEI_MOBILE

create a new network named lte
select the eth device of the dongle ( e.g eth1)
assign the network to firewall zone wan

To achieve this with OpenWrt 21.02.1 / LuCI openwrt-21.02 combination you have to: LuCi -> Network -> Interfaces -> Add new interface... From there:

  • Name: lte
  • Protocol: DHCP client
  • Device: Ethernet Adapter: "eth1" (I guess the number can vary)

and Create interface.

After that the interface "lte" is created and you can move to "Firewall Settings" tab (NB! no need to go to Network -> Firewall menu, it's a different thing) and for "Create / Assign firewall-zone", select "wan" and hit Save.

Lastly, don't forget to hit the "Save & Apply" button at the end

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yes, this works with Huawei E3531, thanks

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