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osxfuse + ntfs-3g + Yosemite = NTFS R/W
Remove osxfuse if installed via homebrew:
> brew uninstall osxfuse
Install osxfuse binary and choose to install the MacFUSE compatibility layer:
Reboot (optional but recommended by osxfuse)
Install ntfs-3g via homebrew:
> brew update && brew install ntfs-3g
Link mount_ntfs:
> sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.original
> sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/ntfs-3g/2014.2.15/sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs
The output of the following should be as below:
> ls -l /sbin/mount_ntfs*
/sbin/mount_ntfs -> /usr/local/Cellar/ntfs-3g/2014.2.15/sbin/mount_ntfs
/sbin/mount_ntfs.original -> /System/Library/Filesystems/ntfs.fs/Contents/Resources/mount_ntfs
Reboot and voila
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nvcken commented Sep 22, 2015

Hi all, Has any way to add option format "Windows NT System" to erase action in Disk Utility.

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capthy commented Sep 30, 2015

@lankesh install the latest osxfuse 3.0.6 dmg works for me.
More details here: osxfuse/osxfuse#119 (comment)

brew cask uninstall osxfuse
brew uninstall homebrew/fuse/ntfs-3g
# install osxfuse 3.0.6 dmg
brew install homebrew/fuse/ntfs-3g
# check the symlink is still there:
ls -al /sbin/mount_ntfs
 /sbin/mount_ntfs -> /usr/local/sbin/mount_ntfs

ls -al  /usr/local/sbin/mount_ntfs
/usr/local/sbin/mount_ntfs -> ../Cellar/ntfs-3g/2015.3.14/sbin/mount_ntfs

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everything worked for me, but when i try
sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.original
it says Operation Not Permitted

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@rezaprima you mean i should install the osxfuse 3.0.6 dmg?
Sorry, but i'm not an expert....

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Solved Problem:
I Had to disable SIP in recovery after that, it works.

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ghost commented May 26, 2016

Thanks, this worked. My instructions at this date were slightly different.

Using OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 (15F34)

  1. brew install Caskroom/cask/osxfuse
  2. brew update && brew install ntfs-3g
  3. Rebooted and pressed Command + R, then from Terminal, ran csrutil disable
  4. sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.original
  5. sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/ntfs-3g/2016.2.22/sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs
  6. Verified with ls -l /sbin/mount_ntfs*

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The same works on macOS Sierra. Make sure to run steps 4+ in regular macOS.

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svnp10 commented May 23, 2017

@sindhus instructions - change step 5 to 'sudo ln -s /usr/local/sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs' worked for for MacOS Sierra

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any news on this for mojave shit ?

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