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Benedikt Müssig bmuessig

  • Germany
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bmuessig / list.js
Last active September 13, 2022 02:13
Humble Bundle list all download URLs
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dwnlds = document.getElementsByClassName("js-start-download"); files = ""; for (i = 0; i < dwnlds.length; i++) { files += dwnlds[i].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].href; files += "\n"; } console.log(files);
bmuessig / Makefile
Last active February 17, 2017 01:18
Pandora Makefile
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# Build DirectFB for Pandora
# Copyright 2017 Benedikt Muessig <>
export INSTALLDIR=/home/bmuessig/x-tools/armarmv5te-unknown-linux-gnueabi
export TARGETMACH=arm-none-linux-gnueabi
export BUILDMACH=x86_64-linux-gnu
export CROSS=armarmv5te-unknown-linux-gnueabi
export PREFIX=/home/bmuessig/Pandora/target
export CC=$(CROSS)-gcc
export CXX=$(CROSS)-g++
bmuessig / eng
Last active November 13, 2016 00:46
Improved English translation for DDCSV1.1 PLUS (WIP)
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#5 -t1 -s1"?Min. log radius of 4-axis machining" -s2"mm" -m1 -min=3.000 -max=999.999
#6 -t2 -s1"Rotational ref. axis for A-axis" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=3.000 -i0"X-axis" -i1"Y-axis" -i2"Z-axis" -i3"No rotation"
#104 -t2 -s1"?A-axis optimal path when G0 run" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=1.000 -i0"No" -i1"Yes"
#34 -t1 -s1"X-axis pulses per mm" -s2"pulse/mm" -m2 -min=50.000 -max=99999.000
#35 -t1 -s1"Y-axis pulses per mm" -s2"pulse/mm" -m2 -min=50.000 -max=99999.000
#36 -t1 -s1"Z-axis pulses per mm" -s2"pulse/mm" -m2 -min=50.000 -max=99999.000
#37 -m0
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/* CHANGES of the "lunakid fork":
See CHANGES.txt for TODO items and release notes!
+ See the GitHub commit log for a detailed change history!
Old (pre-1.2) manual change log (partly parallel with the GitHub commit log):