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Ben Noordhuis bnoordhuis

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; A REPL-based, annotated Seesaw tutorial
; Please visit for more info
; This is a very basic intro to Seesaw, a Clojure UI toolkit. It covers
; Seesaw's basic features and philosophy, but only scratches the surface
; of what's available. It only assumes knowledge of Clojure. No Swing or
; Java experience is needed.
; This material was first presented in a talk at @CraftsmanGuild in
; Ann Arbor, MI.
View php-embedded-server-20110220.patch.diff
Index: sapi/cli/config.w32
--- sapi/cli/config.w32 (revision 308839)
+++ sapi/cli/config.w32 (working copy)
@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
ARG_ENABLE('cli-win32', 'Build console-less CLI version of PHP', 'no');
if (PHP_CLI == "yes") {
- SAPI('cli', 'php_cli.c', 'php.exe');
+ SAPI('cli', 'php_cli.c php_http_parser.c php_cli_server.c', 'php.exe');