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Naming Service

Launch Goals

In Progress - Ability to delegate tx fee to user when claiming domains

  1. Redeploy smart contract with such functionality - done
  2. Provide backend end point to generate signatures for self-claiming - unstarted
  3. Update website UI claiming process with "Claim and pay fee" button - unstarted

In Progress - Ability to delegate tx fee to user when managing domains

  1. Merge guest manage source code with website manage source code - in progress
  2. Add UI checkbox to switch from "Delegate TX fee to UD" and "Pay fee myself". - unstarted

In Progress - TXP admin dashboard

  1. Add ability to raise TX gas price to TXP - in progress
  2. Build website UI to search all transactions - unstarted


70% - Resolve .crypto domain in firefox using 2 config options, no extension required

60% - Forbid usage of production private keys in non-production environment

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