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A list of Sketch plugins hosted at GitHub, in no particular order.


NOTE: the list has moved to

Sketch Plugins

A list of Sketch plugins hosted at GitHub, in no particular order.

Here's a new one to solve a problem I had exporting PNGs of mainly-white artboards:

Forked a version of zmalltalker/sketch-android-assets here:

Generates identical Android & iOS assets at multiple resolutions, includes folder structures + naming conventions

It would be awesome to have a plugin panel or toolbar in Sketch.

my plugin is not listed :(

Create HTML image maps from your Sketch file:

A great plugin would be one that sets exporting templates. So you could export all slices the same way always.

Is there a plugin somewhere with image auto update? When I edit an image in a 3rd party application like Photoshop, I have to import it every time again, reposition it, rescale it etc... This would be really helpful and improve the workflow while designing with sketch

Is there a plugin that allows you to create a button that links to another view? This would be similar to how powerpoint would let you create a hyperlink to another slide. I would love to be able to make a button and then when it is clicked have it move the view to another artboard.

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