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How to Use an ESP8266 w/ Johnny-Five by boneskull

Prerequisite Software

  • Node.js v8.x
  • Arduino IDE v1.8.5
  • CP2104 driver (found linked here)

A toolchain to build native modules may be required. windows-build-tools may be the quickest way to get setup on Windows. macOS users will need to install XCode; Linux users will need to install build-essential, python, and likely some other stuff.

Add ESP8266 Board Support to Arduino IDE


In this tutorial we're going to build a set of parser combinators.

What is a parser combinator?

We'll answer the above question in 2 steps

  1. what is a parser?
  2. and.. what is a parser combinator?

So first question: What is parser?

View .babelrc
"presets": ["env"]

Here's an example of how to debug Mocha v4 if it hangs.

Ensure you're using a Node.js 8 or newer (or any version with async_hooks support).

If you run your test, you'll notice it hangs:

$ mocha test.js

Say we have a JS library, and that library exports an API.

For the sake of argument, that library could be mocha and the API could be the "BDD" interface:

describe('my suite', function () {
  it('should timeout in 10s', function (done) {
    setTimeout(done, 9000);
View mocha.xml
<templateSet group="Mocha">
<template name="desc" value="describe('$DESC$', function() {&#10; $END$&#10;});" description="makes a describe block" toReformat="true" toShortenFQNames="true">
<variable name="DESC" expression="jsMethodName()" defaultValue="" alwaysStopAt="true" />
<option name="JAVA_SCRIPT" value="true" />
<template name="be" value="beforeEach(function() {&#10; $END$&#10;});" description="beforeEach" toReformat="true" toShortenFQNames="true">
<option name="JAVA_SCRIPT" value="true" />
View svg-ellipsis.directive.ts
* @see
* @example
* <!-- truncate at 200px -->
* <svg><svg:text ellipsis [text]="text to truncate" [width]="200"></svg:text></svg>
import {
View .block
license: mit
View .block
license: mit