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# Weekend 12 Challenge - Redux Saga Movies

## Movies Page

- [ ] Client side View that displays a list of movies (image, title, description)
- [ ] View has ability to click on a single movie
- [ ] Clicking on single movie goes to movie details view at `/details`

## Details Page

Project Page

  • Client side route that displays projects that are stored in the database
  • Each project should conditionally render a name, description, thumbnail, website, date complete and a tag. Many of the fields are optional, only show properties that aren't null.
  • Include a link to GitHub that opens in a new window
  • Add your name at the top of the page
  • Use Sagas for API requests to your server

Admin Page

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EDA HTML/CSS Workshop Code


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" dir="ltr">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Blaine's World</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="./style.css">

Arrow Function Intro

function name(me) {
  console.log('my name is', me);

const name = function(me) {
  console.log('my name is', me);
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Simple For Loops

Week 3 Stretch Goal Tips

In general there are two types of problems to solve:

  1. "Calculate some value based on all the numbers in the array"
  2. "Find a number in the array and stop once you've found it"

In pretty much all cases, all you need to do is have a way of looping through the array of numbers, keeping track of what you have done so far, and reporting the result at the end.

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Notes on SciFi

This is just a general repository for me to keep track of books that I've read over the years.


  • The Dosadi Experiment (1977), Frank Herbert
  • Snow Crash (1992), Neil Stephenson; This was a doozie. Excellent read.


  • Devil in the White City (2003), Erik Larson
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Jun 25 2017

Interested in becoming friendly with local crows after reading stories and first hand accounts. Obtained peanuts. Later, found grackles, but not crows. They're smaller and travel in larger flocks. Were not very interested in peanuts. They have irridescent blue heads. Curious if the small blue glass left in my garden is from the crows?

Squirrels like peanuts too. I threw a peanut towards an squirrel and it bounced off him. It did not phase him. He ate the peanut.

Jun 27 2017

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Getting started with Tensor Flow (Installation)
View gist:cc09bb8bc66fae56f60e
View gist:d3e71651534aeedbbaf680af44d1f9b3

Notes on upgrading to Elasticsearch 5.0.1 from 2.4

First get the latest ES (2.4):

# apt-get update
# apt-get install elasticsearch

After update, had to reinstall license and marvel
# bin/plugin remove license
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Adding apartment to our api project
  1. add apartment to gemfile
  2. run initializer to generate config/apartment.rb
  3. Create our Event model (which maps to schemas)
  4. before_validate: create self.schema that uses .parameterize.underscore from on event model
  5. after_create: create new apartment tenant on the event model
  6. Set up the config to ignore a few of our models that are public
  7. hard code the config to select a single event schema, for now
  8. migrate over all the data: