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Last active February 3, 2019 06:37
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React component structure
<Breadcrumb text="Home" href="/" />
<Breadcrumb text="Child" href="/child" />
<Breadcrumb text="Grandchild" href="/child/grandchild" />
// or
<Breadcrumbs items={[
text: "Home",
href: "/"
text: "Child",
href: "/child"
text: "Grandchild",
href: "/child/grandchild"
]} />
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For this pattern, I like to assign components as properties on the main component. Like this:

Breadcrumb.Item = <Component />

Then you can use it like this:

  <Breadcrumb.Item {...props} />

This is nice because then it’s very clear that the sub component should only be used within its parent.

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jpkempf commented Jan 30, 2019

1st approach is only really viable (and totally ok in that case, imo) if you have a small amount of static data that you'll only update manually every once in a while. Once the amount of items increases or they start changing more often (perhaps through dynamic data from some endpoint, a CMS or or whatnot), you'll want to switch to approach #2.

You can also combine both approaches (#1, pulling parts out of your wrapper component and #2, looping over them programatically) if that helps reduce repetition, like so:

const Breadcrumbs = props => {
  return => <Breadcrumb text={item.text} href={item.href} />);

// same thing but shorter/more fancy
const Breadcrumbs = ({ items }) => => <Breadcrumb {...item} />);

Where <Breadcrumb/> can be anything you like, instead of hard-wiring a certain type of element/structure into Breadcrumbs />.

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jdfm commented Jan 30, 2019

const Breadcrumb = ({ text = 'PLACEHOLDER', href = '#' }) => /* whatever you have now */

const Breadcrumbs = ({ children = Breadcrumb, items }) => <whatever></whatever>

This can be used like:

<Breadcrumbs items={data} />

Or, if you don't like the default guts of it:

<Breadcrumbs items={data}>
  ({ text, href }) => /* Whatever JSX you want, but different from default. */

Not limited to the same data structure (still breadcrumbs, but using different kind of data?).

Not sure how the community feels about this though. Thoughts?

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