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pyinfo(). License: MIT
def application(environ, start_response):
import sys
if path not in sys.path:
from pyinfo import pyinfo
output = pyinfo()
start_response('200 OK', [('Content-type', 'text/html')])
return [output]
import os, sys, platform, cgi, socket
def pyinfo():
output = '<!DOCTYPE html>\n'
output += '<html>'
output += '<head>'
output += '<title>pyinfo()</title>'
output += '<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow,noarchive,nosnippet">'
output += styles()
output += '</head>'
output += '<body>'
output += '<div class="center">'
output += section_title()
output += '<h2>System</h2>'
output += section_system()
output += '<h2>Python Internals</h2>'
output += section_py_internals()
output += '<h2>OS Internals</h2>'
output += section_os_internals()
output += '<h2>WSGI Environment</h2>'
output += section_environ()
output += '<h2>Database support</h2>'
output += section_database()
output += '<h2>Compression and archiving</h2>'
output += section_compression()
if sys.modules.has_key('ldap'):
output += '<h2>LDAP support</h2>'
output += section_ldap()
if sys.modules.has_key('socket'):
output += '<h2>Socket</h2>'
output += section_socket()
output += '<h2>Multimedia support</h2>'
output += section_multimedia()
output += '<h2>Copyright</h2>'
output += section_copyright()
output += '</div>'
output += '</body>'
output += '</html>'
return output
def styles():
css = '<style type="text/css">'
css += 'body{background-color:#fff;color:#000}'
css += 'body,td,th,h1,h2{font-family:sans-serif}'
css += 'pre{margin:0px;font-family:monospace}'
css += 'a:link{color:#009;text-decoration:none;background-color:#fff}'
css += 'a:hover{text-decoration:underline}'
css += 'table{border-collapse:collapse}'
css += '.center{text-align:center}'
css += '.center table{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;text-align:left}'
css += '.center th{text-align:center !important}'
css += 'td,th{border:1px solid #999999;font-size:75%;vertical-align:baseline}'
css += 'h1{font-size:150%}'
css += 'h2{font-size:125%}'
css += '.p{text-align:left}'
css += '.e{width:30%;background-color:#ffffcc;font-weight:bold;color:#000}'
css += '.h{background:url(\'\') repeat-x;font-weight:bold;color:#000}'
css += '.v{background-color:#f2f2f2;color:#000}'
css += '.vr{background-color:#cccccc;text-align:right;color:#000}'
css += 'img{float:right;border:0px;}'
css += 'hr{width:600px;background-color:#ccc;border:0px;height:1px;color:#000}'
css += '</style>'
return css
def table(html):
return '<table border="0" cellpadding="3" width="600">%s</table><br>' % html
def makecells(data):
html = ''
while data:
html += '<tr><td class="e">%s</td><td class="v">%s</td></tr>' % (data.pop(0), data.pop(0))
return table(html)
def imported(module):
if sys.modules.has_key(module):
return 'enabled'
return 'disabled'
def section_title():
html = '<tr class="h"><td>'
html += '<a href=""><img border="0" src=""></a>'
html += '<h1 class="p">Python %s</h1>' % platform.python_version()
html += '</td></tr>'
return table(html)
def section_system():
data = []
if hasattr(sys, 'subversion'): data += 'Python Subversion', ', '.join(sys.subversion)
if platform.dist()[0] != '' and platform.dist()[1] != '':
data += 'OS Version', '%s %s (%s %s)' % (platform.system(), platform.release(), platform.dist()[0].capitalize(), platform.dist()[1])
data += 'OS Version', '%s %s' % (platform.system(), platform.release())
if hasattr(sys, 'executable'): data += 'Executable', sys.executable
data += 'Build Date', platform.python_build()[1]
data += 'Compiler', platform.python_compiler()
if hasattr(sys, 'api_version'): data += 'Python API', sys.api_version
return makecells(data)
def section_py_internals():
data = []
if hasattr(sys, 'builtin_module_names'):
data += 'Built-in Modules', ', '.join(sys.builtin_module_names)
data += 'Byte Order', sys.byteorder + ' endian'
if hasattr(sys, 'getcheckinterval'):
data += 'Check Interval', sys.getcheckinterval()
if hasattr(sys, 'getfilesystemencoding'):
data += 'File System Encoding', sys.getfilesystemencoding()
data += 'Maximum Integer Size', str(sys.maxint) + ' (%s)' % str(hex(sys.maxint)).upper().replace("X", "x")
if hasattr(sys, 'getrecursionlimit'):
data += 'Maximum Recursion Depth', sys.getrecursionlimit()
if hasattr(sys, 'tracebacklimit'):
tabdatale += 'Maximum Traceback Limit', sys.tracebacklimit
data += 'Maximum Traceback Limit', '1000'
data += 'Maximum Unicode Code Point', sys.maxunicode
return makecells(data)
def section_os_internals():
data = []
if hasattr(os, 'getcwd'): data += 'Current Working Directory', os.getcwd()
if hasattr(os, 'getegid'): data += 'Effective Group ID', os.getegid()
if hasattr(os, 'geteuid'): data += 'Effective User ID', os.geteuid()
if hasattr(os, 'getgid'): data += 'Group ID', os.getgid()
if hasattr(os, 'getgroups'): data += 'Group Membership', ', '.join(map(str, os.getgroups()))
if hasattr(os, 'linesep'): data += 'Line Seperator', repr(os.linesep)[1:-1]
if hasattr(os, 'getloadavg'): data += 'Load Average', ', '.join(map(str, map(lambda x: round(x, 2), os.getloadavg())))
if hasattr(os, 'pathsep'): data += 'Path Seperator', os.pathsep
if hasattr(os, 'getpid') and hasattr(os, 'getppid'):
data += 'Process ID', ('%s (parent: %s)' % (os.getpid(), os.getppid()))
except: pass
if hasattr(os, 'getuid'): data += 'User ID', os.getuid()
return makecells(data)
def section_environ():
envvars = os.environ.keys()
data = []
for envvar in envvars:
data += envvar, cgi.escape(str(os.environ[envvar]))
return makecells(data)
def section_database():
data = []
data += 'DB2/Informix (ibm_db)', imported('ibm_db')
data += 'MSSQL (adodbapi)', imported('adodbapi')
data += 'MySQL (MySQL-Python)', imported('MySQLdb')
data += 'ODBC (mxODBC)', imported('mxODBC')
data += 'Oracle (cx_Oracle)', imported('cx_Oracle')
data += 'PostgreSQL (PyGreSQL)', imported('pgdb')
data += 'Python Data Objects (PyDO)', imported('PyDO')
data += 'SAP DB (sapdbapi)', imported('sapdbapi')
data += 'SQLite3', imported('sqlite3')
return makecells(data)
def section_compression():
data = []
data += 'Bzip2 Support', imported('bz2')
data += 'Gzip Support', imported('gzip')
data += 'Tar Support', imported('tarfile')
data += 'Zip Support', imported('zipfile')
data += 'Zlib Support', imported('zlib')
return makecells(data)
def section_ldap():
data = []
data += 'Python-LDAP Version' % urls['Python-LDAP'], ldap.__version__
data += 'API Version', ldap.API_VERSION
data += 'Default Protocol Version', ldap.VERSION
data += 'Minimum Protocol Version', ldap.VERSION_MIN
data += 'Maximum Protocol Version', ldap.VERSION_MAX
data += 'SASL Support (Cyrus-SASL)', ldap.SASL_AVAIL
data += 'TLS Support (OpenSSL)', ldap.TLS_AVAIL
data += 'Vendor Version', ldap.VENDOR_VERSION
return makecells(data)
def section_socket():
data = []
data += 'Hostname', socket.gethostname()
data += 'Hostname (fully qualified)', socket.gethostbyaddr(socket.gethostname())[0]
data += 'IP Address', socket.gethostbyname(socket.gethostname())
except: pass
data += 'IPv6 Support', getattr(socket, 'has_ipv6', False)
data += 'SSL Support', hasattr(socket, 'ssl')
return makecells(data)
def section_multimedia():
data = []
data += 'AIFF Support', imported('aifc')
data += 'Color System Conversion Support', imported('colorsys')
data += 'curses Support', imported('curses')
data += 'IFF Chunk Support', imported('chunk')
data += 'Image Header Support', imported('imghdr')
data += 'OSS Audio Device Support', imported('ossaudiodev')
data += 'Raw Audio Support', imported('audioop')
data += 'Raw Image Support', imported('imageop')
data += 'SGI RGB Support', imported('rgbimg')
data += 'Sound Header Support', imported('sndhdr')
data += 'Sun Audio Device Support', imported('sunaudiodev')
data += 'Sun AU Support', imported('sunau')
data += 'Wave Support', imported('wave')
return makecells(data)
def section_copyright():
html = '<tr class="v"><td>%s</td></tr>' % sys.copyright.replace('\n\n', '<br>').replace('\r\n', '<br />').replace('(c)', '&copy;')
return table(html)
optional_modules_list = [
'zlib', 'gzip', 'bz2', 'zipfile', 'tarfile',
'audioop', 'curses', 'imageop', 'aifc', 'sunau', 'wave', 'chunk', 'colorsys', 'rgbimg', 'imghdr', 'sndhdr', 'ossaudiodev', 'sunaudiodev',
'adodbapi', 'cx_Oracle', 'ibm_db', 'mxODBC', 'MySQLdb', 'pgdb', 'PyDO', 'sapdbapi', 'sqlite3'
for i in optional_modules_list:
module = __import__(i)
sys.modules[i] = module
globals()[i] = module
except: pass
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kpietru commented Apr 22, 2016

Very useful.
Please add a license.
It is important.

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