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Convert an Extended Events .xel file into a queryable table in SQL Server
-- convert all .xel files in a given folder to a single-column table
-- (alternatively specify an individual file explicitly)
select event_data = convert(xml, event_data)
into #eeTable
from sys.fn_xe_file_target_read_file(N'd:\killme\extended events\*.xel', null, null, null);
-- select from the table
select * from #eeTable
-- and click on a hyperlink value to see the structure of the xml
-- create multi-column table from single-column table, explicitly adding needed columns from xml
ts = event_data.value(N'(event/@timestamp)[1]', N'datetime'),
[sql] = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="sql_text"]/value)[1]', N'nvarchar(max)'),
cpu = event_data.value(N'(event/data[@name="cpu_time"]/value)[1]', N'nvarchar(max)'),
duration = event_data.value(N'(event/data[@name="duration"]/value)[1]', N'nvarchar(max)'),
result = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="result"]/value)[1]', N'int'),
row_count = event_data.value(N'(event/data[@name="row_count"]/value)[1]', N'nvarchar(max)'),
spid = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="session_id"]/value)[1]', N'int'),
physical_reads = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="physical_reads"]/value)[1]', N'int'),
logical_reads = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="logical_reads"]/value)[1]', N'int'),
writes = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="writes"]/value)[1]', N'int'),
user_nm = event_data.value(N'(event/action[@name="username"]/value)[1]', N'nvarchar(max)')
into PexTrace_20170526
FROM #eeTable
-- add id
ALTER TABLE PexTrace_20170526
-- set id as PK
ALTER TABLE PexTrace_20170526
ADD CONSTRAINT PK_PexTrace_20170526 PRIMARY KEY(eventId);
-- now query all you like
FROM PexTrace_20170526
where sql like '%springer%'
order by ts
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While running the below statement :
select event_data = convert(xml, event_data) into eeTable from sys.fn_xe_file_target_read_file(N'C:\Users\\Desktop*.xel', null, null, null);

I am getting the below error:
A valid URL beginning with 'https://' is required as value for any filepath specified.

Can you let me know the solution.

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djpirra commented Nov 2, 2020

Also this does not work if the Extended Events are running and storing data in an Analysis Services

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