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Created March 14, 2019 02:29
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Archiving expo-firebase

We started building expo-firebase based off of react-native-firebase in order to attempt to get it to work well within the Expo client. It turned out that there wasn't a good way to do this - the SDK fully expects that there is one binary per app, and the Expo client has multiple apps inside of it. We weren't able to work around this.

If you'd like to use Firebase in the Expo client with the managed workflow, we'd recommend using the Firebase JS SDK. It supports Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Storage. If you'd like access to the full suite of native firebase tools, we recommend using the bare workflow and react-native-firebase, because we cannot support this in the Expo client currently.

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fparhat-rbi commented Feb 14, 2022

If someone wanted to enable Crashlytics or Firebase Performance traces, is the only way via config-plugins and creating new custom expo modules?

Has anyone successfully integrated Crashlytics of Firebase Performance into their expo applications thus far?

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you can now use react-native-firebase with config plugins, I would do that

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raiss commented Mar 18, 2022

@nandorojo does it mean the expo doesn't need to be ejected?

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basically. you should learn about expo config plugins and custom dev clients

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i'm using expo app, added expo-firebase-analytics to get analytics with js sdk. (it work)
I also want to get crashlytics but the expo library (expo-crashlytics) is deprecated ... any issue ?
(i can't eject expo)

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ansh commented Sep 20, 2022

@nandorojo Do you have a config plugin for react-native-firebase?

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the official library does.

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