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Manage wakeup time on a pijuice using local times
import datetime
import os
import time
from datetime import time
import dateutil.parser
from pijuice import PiJuice
import argparse
def pijuice_check_error(pyjuice_response):
if pyjuice_response['error'] != 'NO_ERROR':
raise RuntimeError("pijuice failed with code: {}".format(pyjuice_response['error']))
def pijuice_get_data(f):
Try a few times
for i in range(0, 10):
r = f()
# pprint(r)
if r['error'] == 'NO_ERROR':
return r['data']
raise RuntimeError("pijuice failed with code: {}".format(f()['error']))
argparser = argparse.ArgumentParser("Manage wakeup time using local times")
argparser.add_argument("command",choices=['enable','disable'],nargs='?',help="Or omit to get status only")
argparser.add_argument("wake", nargs="?", help="Set wakeup time to time (anything parsable, local timezone)")
args = argparser.parse_args()
sleeps = 0
while not os.path.exists('/dev/i2c-1'):
sleeps += 1
if sleeps > 600:
raise Exception("pijuice-wakeup: No path to /dev/i2c-1")
pj = PiJuice()
if args.command == 'enable':
print("Enabling wakeup")
elif args.command == 'disable':
print("Disabling wakeup")
if args.wake:
wake_dt = dateutil.parser.parse(timestr=args.wake).replace(
wake_dt_utc = wake_dt.astimezone(
print("Setting alarm to local: {} (UTC: {})".format(wake_dt, wake_dt_utc))
wake_time_tz_utc_dict = {'second': wake_dt_utc.second,
'minute': wake_dt_utc.minute,
'hour': wake_dt_utc.hour,
'day': "EVERY_DAY"}
check = pijuice_get_data(pj.rtcAlarm.GetAlarm)
if check['hour'] == "EVERY_HOUR":
hour_var = 0
hour_var = int(check['hour'])
wake_time_tz_utc = datetime.datetime(hour=hour_var, minute=int(check['minute']),
second=int(check['second']), year=2000, month=1, day=1).replace(
wake_time_tz_local = wake_time_tz_utc.astimezone(
wake_enabled = pijuice_get_data(pj.rtcAlarm.GetControlStatus)['alarm_wakeup_enabled']
if args.command is None:
print("Wakeup enabled: {}".format(wake_enabled))
if wake_enabled:
print("Wakeup time (local):{}".format(wake_time_tz_local))
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