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Created November 26, 2021 22:31
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Make Jeff feel better about Python packaging
"""Back in my day, we only needed **one** command. 🧓"""
import runpy
import sys
def run(command):
sys.argv[0] = command
runpy.run_module(command, run_name="__main__")
command = sys.argv[1]
args = sys.argv[2:]
match command:
case "sdist" | "bdist_wheel":
del sys.argv[1]
case "install":
case "develop":
sys.argv[1] = "install"
sys.argv.insert(2, "-e")
case "upload":
case "check":
case _:
raise ValueError(f"{command!r} is not a recognized command")
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Feature request: Please add test => pytest and tox or nox please. Gotta be feature/requirements-level complete. 😄

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merwok commented Jan 15, 2022

Python packaging now focuses on building, distributing, downloading and installing code.
Running commands for other parts of development workflow like test, lint, etc is not in scope.

(And really, what is the need to add a passthrough test command when tox/nox are the mostly universal test runners nowadays?)

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The comment was an inside joke like the point of the gist.

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