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My instructions were written against the Git master branches of all the projects involved, as of a few
months ago. They're currently a bit out of date, as I've been caught up with some other work and didn't
get a chance to maintain them. For starters, compiling a patched KVM source against the latest currently shipping F18 kernel (3.9.*) doesn't work as well as it used to against the shipping F18 kernel from a few months ago (3.6.*). I meant to dig through the kvm-kmod scripts and try to fix that, and send Jan Kiszka (the owner of kvm-kmod) a patch, but it's sadly still on my to-do list.
Building the rest of it (qemu and seabios) should be a bit simpler, but since I had no patched kernel
module to test it with, I slacked off, and I wouldn't be surprised if the patches no longer apply to the
current Git master branch of qemu and seabios, respectively.
I don't have (never did have) a nicely packaged and releasable "image" -- just patches that happened
to work against the respective current development branches.
The idea was to (slowly) get more and more of whatever is in those patches accepted upstream, until
eventually there was nothing left to patch, and OS X would boot under qemu/kvm "naturally". I plan
on trying to bring the patches back in sync with the development brances of these projects as soon as
I get some spare cycles, but a prerequisite to that is to get kvm-kmod working with the currently
shipping Fedora kernels (as I'd rather not build an entirely separate kernel each time I touch the
kvm patch).
Stay tuned (or, if you're a Fedora user, try building the latest kvm Git pull against your up-to-date
kernel using the latest kvm-kmod Git pull, and let me know if it works :)

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brianherman Jul 16, 2013

He is looking for help on his project! Email him for more info.


brianherman commented Jul 16, 2013

He is looking for help on his project! Email him for more info.

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