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Back from paternity leave

Brian Lyttle brianly

Back from paternity leave
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Created May 21, 2020 — forked from bricker/
An Amazon Programmer's Perspective (

Originally posted at

Trigger warning: mention of suicidal ideation

tl;dr: I burned out as a developer at Amazon at the end of my second year. I’ve since found a healthy and sustainable work-life balance and enjoy work again. I write this to A) raise awareness, especially for new-hires and their families, and B) help give hope and advice to people going through the same at Amazon or other companies.

Hello, world

There’s been no shortage of anecdotes, opinions, and rebuttals regarding Amazon’s corporate culture as of late. I write this not to capitalize on the latest news-feed fad, but to share what I had already written and promptly deleted. I didn’t think anyone would want to hear my story, but it’s apparent people are going through a similar experience and don’t have a voice.

I’m a Software Development Engineer II at Amazon; SDE II basically means a software developer with at least 2–3 years of industry experience. I started at Amazon as an SDE I.


Limits for Microsoft Yammer

This article describes some of the limits that apply to Yammer.


Feature Maximum limit
Number of users per Office 365 Group 100,000
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Created Apr 5, 2019
Use the Yammer REST API to dump new thread starters. Requires a modern version of Python 3.
import requests
from dataclasses import dataclass
from time import sleep
TOKEN = ''
GROUP_ID = '15824708'
brianly / gameoflife.js
Created Dec 10, 2018 — forked from ponyta/gameoflife.js
Conway's Game of Life
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// source can be found at
// For a demo, please see
// initialization
let canvas = document.querySelector("#canvas");
var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
var running = false;
var UPDATE_INTERVAL = 100; // time between updates in ms
var CELL_SIZE = 10; // 10x10px cell size
// game grid size
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Created Jul 31, 2018 — forked from nolanlawson/
Instructions for taking an ETL trace for Edge or IE

How to take a trace of a website issue in Edge/IE

Taking a trace

Method 1: Feedback Hub

  1. In Feedback Hub, click "Add new Feedback"
  2. Choose "Microsoft Edge" as the category
brianly / itinerary.txt
Last active Jul 18, 2018
Optimises for no driving and train-friendly towns (frequency, options for day tripping, if we choose). Very city-centric outside of our bike tour. Skips Brussels. Uses Amsterdam as a base at the end of our trip reducing how much we have to change accommodation.
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Thu, Aug 23
Fly to AMS
Fri, Aug 24
Arrive early to AMS
Overnight in Amsterdam
Sat, Aug 25
Overnight in Amsterdam
brianly / MS Perks &
Created Apr 17, 2018 — forked from Teino1978-Corp/MS Perks &
Summary of any and all perks when working with Microsoft.
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##Perks of Microsoft


####Health and Wellness Care

  • Medical and hospitalization: Two choices for medical insurance. Both with no premium but different deductibles.
    • The two choices on medical plans are a high-deductible health plan (Microsoft puts a chunk of money into the Health Savings Account for you, which covers most of the deductible) and an HMO.
    • With the HMO, you pay basically nothing as long as you only go to Group Health doctors. With the high-deductible plan, you're covered under the local Blue Cross provider which means you can go to just about any doctor in the country. For

Saturday (May 21st)

Leave for Croatia


Arrive in Split (noon)



Saturday (May 21st)

Leave for Croatia


Arrive in Split SPU (noon)

Split (recover)