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Created January 29, 2014 00:04
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#include <vector>
#include <queue>
#include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp>
#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>
#include <boost/foreach.hpp>
#include <ros/assert.h>
#include <stdr_common/roslib_helpers.h>
namespace bfs = boost::filesystem;
// from
std::string ssystem(const std::string& command, int *res=0)
char tmpname [L_tmpnam];
std::tmpnam ( tmpname );
std::string cmd = command + " >> " + tmpname;
int r = std::system(cmd.c_str());
if( res )
*res = r;
std::ifstream file(tmpname, std::ios::in);
std::string result;
if (file) {
while (!file.eof())
return result;
std::vector<bfs::path> list_dir(bfs::path p)
std::vector<bfs::path> allfiles, files;
std::queue<bfs::path> subdirs;
while( !subdirs.empty() )
p = subdirs.front();
std::copy(bfs::directory_iterator(p), bfs::directory_iterator(), std::back_inserter(files));
BOOST_FOREACH(const bfs::path& e, files) {
if( bfs::is_regular_file(e) )
else if( bfs::is_directory(e) )
std::sort(allfiles.begin(), allfiles.end());
return allfiles;
/** \brief Searches the various paths related to the package to find the file.
@param package the name of package where the file belongs.
@param filename the name of the file to search for.
@return the absolute path to the file if found, an empty string otherwise.
std::string find_file(const std::string& package, const std::string& filename)
int result;
const std::string command = std::string("catkin_find ") + package;
std::string output = ssystem(command, &result);
if( result!=0 ) {
ROS_FATAL("command \'%s\' failed with error %d", command.c_str(), result);
std::cout <<output <<std::endl;
std::vector<std::string> lines;
boost::algorithm::split(lines, output, boost::algorithm::is_any_of("\r\n"));
// Each lines is a path. Search recursively for the desired file.
std::vector<bfs::path> matching_paths;
BOOST_FOREACH(bfs::path p, lines)
// although all should be a directory, the last line is usually a weird
// single char. This might have to do with unicode chars... but I could not
// find a better fix
if( !bfs::is_directory(p) )
std::vector<bfs::path> files = list_dir(p);
BOOST_FOREACH(const bfs::path& f, files) {
if( boost::algorithm::ends_with(f.string(), filename) ) {
ROS_DEBUG_STREAM("Found matching path " <<f);
if( matching_paths.empty() )
return "";
return matching_paths.front().string();
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