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Brock Palen brockpalen

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brockpalen /
Created Nov 7, 2015
Globus Toolkit 6.0 and XSEDE GSI integration
#download and install Globus toolkit, get version 6.0
tar -xzf globus_toolkit-6.0.1443479657.tar.gz
cd globus_toolkit-6.0.1443479657
#enable GSI and myproxy for myproxy-login
./configure --prefix=<INSTALL_PREFIX> --enable-myproxy
make -j 12
make install
#setup location for XSEDE Certificates
brockpalen / logstash-gridftp.conf
Last active Aug 29, 2015
logstash GridFTP config
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#Brock Palen
# 5/2015
# GridFTP config for Logstash
input {
#track the globus gridftp transfer logs
file {
path => [ "/var/log/gridftp-go.log" ]
sincedb_path => "/var/run/logstash-gridftp.sincedb"
brockpalen / blas_speed.cpp
Created Apr 1, 2015
Simple BLAS 1, 2, and 3 benchmark code
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#include <iostream>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <unistd.h>
//#define DIM 20000
Total size used should be DIM*DIM*sizeof(double)
compute the matrix multiply dgemm
View mpiLibConf.m
function [lib, extras] = mpiLibConf
%MATLAB MPI Library overloading for Infiniband and Ethernet Networks
% place in ~/matlab/mpiLibConf.m
% Update to point to your MPICH / Intel MPI etc location
% mvapich has two extra libraries and
% use # ldd /home/software/rhel6/mvapich2/1.8/lib/
% Any libraries from the mpich/mvapich install location need to be included in extras
brockpalen / benchmarkpct.m
Created Jan 10, 2015
MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox Demo
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function benchmarkpct(ncpus)
sched= findResource('scheduler', 'type', 'mpiexec') ;
set(sched, 'EnvironmentSetMethod', 'setenv')
set(sched, 'MpiexecFileName', '/home/software/rhel6/mpiexec/bin/mpiexec')
%get current mpi library
brockpalen /
Last active Mar 29, 2017
Lustre Logstash Files
#Brock Palen
Takes data in the form of:
metric number
brockpalen /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Demenstrate the use of MATLAB MCC to make standalone executables.
#compile source on Flux
module load matlab/2014a
mcc -m implicitthreads.m
#run blender in batch, take all settings from those saved in the .blend file
blender -b blender.blend -o //imagename -F PNG -x 1 -f 1
brockpalen / gridftp-log
Last active Aug 29, 2015
example gridftp log entry
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"message" => "[3743] Wed Jul 16 09:34:54 2014 :: Transfer stats: DATE=20140716133454.587582 PROG=globus-gridftp-server NL.EVNT=FTP_INFO START=20140716133453.570157 USER=brockp FILE=/tmp/brockp/linux_x64_64_sfx.exe BUFFER=87380 BLOCK=262144 NBYTES=280590752 VOLUME=/ STREAMS=4 STRIPES=1 DEST=[] TYPE=RETR CODE=226",
brockpalen /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Building your own Xsede Single Sign On Service
tar -xjf gt<version>-all-source-installer.tar.bz2
cd gt<version>-all-source-installer
./configure --prefix=/home/brockp/gt5.0.4
make globus-data-management-client
make gsi-myproxy
make install