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Created November 7, 2015 20:16
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Globus Toolkit 6.0 and XSEDE GSI integration
#download and install Globus toolkit, get version 6.0
tar -xzf globus_toolkit-6.0.1443479657.tar.gz
cd globus_toolkit-6.0.1443479657
#enable GSI and myproxy for myproxy-login
./configure --prefix=<INSTALL_PREFIX> --enable-myproxy
make -j 12
make install
#setup location for XSEDE Certificates
#set X509_CERT_DIR to the location you intall them
#example use note variables set, generally done in a module file
export X509_CERT_DIR=<xsede cert directory>
export X509_USER_PROXY=$HOME/.globus/userproxy.pem
myproxy-login -l <portalusername>
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