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View css for soft linebreaks in poetry
There are many sites displaying song lyrics or poetry. In these artistic works, line breaks are important; they carry meaning.
Most sites markup the authorial line break with a <br> element to force the browser to honour the author's intention.
However, there are many occasions when a narrow screen forces a long line to wrap, and it is not possible for the reader to determine which line breaks are authorial (and thus have meaning/ semantics) and which are added by the browser (and are thus presentational).
In printed media, there are typographic conventions to indicate the difference.
brucelawson / banned websites
Last active May 16, 2019
Banned websites in various countries
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Turkey, you can check any website from gov. website (
brucelawson / native over web reasons
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Native app developers: what are your reasons for preferring to develop native over Web apps?
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[My initial list:]
speed for superhi-perf games
app store placement
source-code secrecy
[list compiled from other people's twitter answers; thanks all!]
pushing native notifications when they're not in the "app" (several people said this)