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Last active Nov 22, 2022
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Idiomatic golang net/http gzip transparent compression (works with Alice)
package main
import (
// Gzip Compression
type gzipResponseWriter struct {
func (w gzipResponseWriter) Write(b []byte) (int, error) {
return w.Writer.Write(b)
func Gzip(handler http.Handler) http.Handler {
return http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
if !strings.Contains(r.Header.Get("Accept-Encoding"), "gzip") {
handler.ServeHTTP(w, r)
w.Header().Set("Content-Encoding", "gzip")
gz := gzip.NewWriter(w)
defer gz.Close()
gzw := gzipResponseWriter{Writer: gz, ResponseWriter: w}
handler.ServeHTTP(gzw, r)
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roustem commented Sep 25, 2015

Missing return after line 23?

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yes, that return seems to be missing ;)

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Content negotiation is overrated. Make way for CONTENT DICTATORSHIP!

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mappu commented Jul 31, 2017

This gist is currently the second google result for "golang gzip http" and the first google result for some related terms.

About content-length

If your upstream writer sets Content-Length, this will result in the wrong (smaller) length being passed to the client. The middleware should remove any Content-Length header set by the upstream writer.

  • This cannot be done in the Gzip() function since the handler hasn't been called yet.
  • You could either overwrite WriteHeader, or, check if headers have been sent in the first call to Write and remove the Content-Length header then.
  • Tracking state of this process necessitates converting from value receiver to pointer receiver.

About sync.Pool

Performance of regularly creating gzip writers is non-optimal. The gzip writer should be kept in a sync.Pool for reuse to minimise GC pressure.

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ahmetb commented Mar 27, 2018

I reached out to the owner of the gist to fix the update.

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Is there any further example of this gzip compression that also using the sync.Pool as per @mappu said ?

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Here's an updated version if anyone's interested:

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lyda commented Jun 23, 2019

In the case of serving a file, would it be an option to look for an already compressed version of the file?

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jftuga commented Apr 16, 2020

For max compression:

gzip.NewWriterLevel(w, gzip.BestCompression)

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cli-ish commented Apr 29, 2022

Content negotiation is overrated. Make way for CONTENT DICTATORSHIP!

Pure gold, was just seeking for a solution and found this 😄

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TelephoneTan commented Sep 1, 2022

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