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Last active Nov 13, 2019
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Python Lambda which reads events from S3 and fans out messages to SNS based on content.
import csv
import json
import urllib.parse
import boto3
s3 = boto3.client('s3')
sns = boto3.client('sns')
def lambda_handler(event, context):
# Get name of the S3 bucket & retrieve the latest-written object
bucket = event['Records'][0]['s3']['bucket']['name']
key = urllib.parse.unquote_plus(event['Records'][0]['s3']['object']['key'], encoding='utf-8')
obj = s3.get_object(Bucket=bucket, Key=key)
csv_file = obj['Body'].read().decode("utf-8").split('\n')
csv_reader = csv.DictReader(csv_file)
for row in csv_reader:
# Example to compose an SNS message based on three fields we're interested in.
sns_message ='{ "description": "%s","endpoint_name": "%s", "endpoint_id": "%s"}' % (row['event_type_description'], row['endpoint_name'], row['endpoint_id'])
sns_subject = "%s Notification" %(row["event_type_description"])
# It might be nice to use event severity description to route important messages
if "suspension" in row['event_type_description']:
if "activation" in row['event_type_description']:
# elif / else:
sns_response = sns.publish(
except Exception as e:
print('Error getting object {} from bucket {}. Make sure they exist and your bucket is in the same region as this function.'.format(key, bucket))
raise e
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