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Created May 26, 2016 09:41
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How to use Hexo and deploy to GitHub Pages

How to use Hexo and deploy to GitHub Pages

1. Install Hexo

$ sudo npm install -g hexo-cli

$ hexo -v
hexo-cli: 0.1.9
os: Darwin 14.3.0 darwin x64
http_parser: 2.3
node: 0.12.7
uv: 1.6.1
zlib: 1.2.8
modules: 14
openssl: 1.0.1p

2. Create a project for your GitHub Pages

$ hexo init
INFO  Copying data to ~/***/
INFO  You are almost done! Don't forget to run 'npm install' before you start blogging with Hexo!

$ cd

$ npm install

3. Run a test server for your page on Mac

$ hexo server
INFO  Hexo is running at Press Ctrl+C to stop.

4. Set information for your new blog

$ vi _config.yml

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _config.yml ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# Site
title: yt8yt's note
description: yt8yt's personal blog
author: yt8yt
timezone: Japan

## If your site is put in a subdirectory, set url as '' and root as '/child/'
root: /
permalink: :year/:month/:day/:title/

5. Set information to use Git

$ npm install hexo-deployer-git --save
$ vi _config.yml

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _config.yml ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# Deployment
## Docs:
  type: git
  branch: master

6. Set "watch" before starting your work

"watch" command can monitor your files.

$ hexo generate --watch

7. Create a new post file

$ hexo new first-post
INFO  Created: ~/***/

8. Edit the above file with Markdown or Hexo's Helper

Hexo's Helper
I use Atom with "shift + control + m" when I use Markdown :-)

9. Delete "source/_posts/"

It's not necessary to deploy.

10. Deploy your new blog!!

$ hexo clean
$ hexo deploy

After writting the above command, you can see your new blog on GitHub Pages.

11. Change your blog theme

For instance, How to use the following theme.

## Install it
$ cd
$ git clone git:// themes/light

## Update the above files
$ themes/light
$ git pull

## Set information to use the theme
$ cd
$ vi _config.yml

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _config.yml ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# Extensions
## Plugins:
## Themes:
theme: light

12. Create a new page file

$ hexo new page aboutme
INFO  Created: ~/***/

$ cd source/aboutme/

$ vi

13. Use "Read More"

Write <!-- more --> in your articles.

14. Use Plugins

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Thanks to share!! 🤙

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alifma commented Jul 8, 2023

Still works on July 2023, thanks mate!

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