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The Apache Way

Adapted from Briefing: The Apache Way

The Apache Way is not One Way. Every Apache project is unique and every member describes their experience with their own words. But here are some attributes that everyone in Apache embraces.


Apache is made of people, not organizations. Contributions are voluntary and all votes weigh the same. A strong community can always make good code better.

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Last active May 28, 2019
Tips & tricks #kubernetes-docs-es

Tips & tricks para contribuir a #kubernetes-docs-es

¿Por dónde empiezo?

Este documento no sustituye los lineamientos de estilo y procedimientos formales del proyecto. Te sugerimos las siguientes lecturas previas:

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Last active Mar 14, 2019
Resources for the "Open Source Sustainability Elsewhere" exercise

Here are the accompanying resources for The Future of Open Source Sustainability, as Seen Elsewhere, a talk presented at the Open Source Leadership Summit 2019.

It's my hope that communities can bring these questions to a broader sample, focusing on more equal gender representation and detecting significant differences across native languages and community of affinity (e.g., CNCF, Python, JS, etc.)

See the slides for additional commentary and my key takeaways and insights for the sample below or subscribe to RSS for new developments on this topic.

Feedback, questions and comments are very welcome! Get in touch.

Questions asked

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Last active Mar 10, 2019
Deploys Photon OS 3.0 GA in Azure
# This script deploys a custom Photon 3.0 GA VHD to Azure and starts a VM
# See for more.
# Usage: ./ photon.vhd
set -x

¿Qué pasó con el open source en el 2018?

El 2018 fue un año extraño para el open source... funding decentralizado, cambios de licencias e inversiones sin precedentes que nos hacen pensar sobre los retos de sostenibilidad del open source. Para tratar de hacer sentido de todas las noticias de las últimas semanas, publiqué un video donde hablo sobre estos retos.

Este documento acompaña al video e incluye no solo las fuentes de las historias en el video sino muchos otros enlaces de interés. El objetivo de esta recopilación es permitirle a los activistas hispanoparlantes del open source conectarse con la conversación. ¿Ideas? ¿Comentarios? Estoy en Twitter: @bureado.

In English: this is a write-up on open source sustainability that I developed in early 2019 for Spanish-speaking audiences. All the sources are in English (which is exactly the problem I was trying to solve) and if you're looking for a broader "what happen

bureado /
Created Dec 23, 2018
Resumen de la encuesta sobre el futuro de sistemas de paquetes en Linux (Entre Dev y Ops)

Gracias a la comunidad de Entre Dev y Ops por participar en este estudio informal (n=18) sobre el futuro de los sistemas de paquetes en Linux. Estas son algunas de las conclusiones:

  • APT prevalece como sistema de paquetes preferido en esta muestra (56%) y aunque RPM está presente, es importante resaltar que cerca de un cuarto de las respuestas no se identifican ni con APT ni con RPM, o usan otro sistema
  • Más allá de estar íntimamente relacionado con la "distro estándar" de cada organización, el sistema de paquetes no parece determinar otras áreas del gasto de TI, excepto quizás ser un factor en la elección de sistemas de automatización en el caso de los ISVs.
  • Prácticamente toda la muestra usa repositorios adicionales a los oficiales, y tienen que lidiar con otros sistemas de paquetes como Docker Hub/Store, PyPI, NPM/YARN, Maven o Helm (en ese orden de popularidad)
  • Es interesante resaltar que la mayoría de las personas que respondieron mantienen paquetes personalizados, y
bureado /
Created Jun 21, 2018
Post-modern Linux packaging: additional reading

Post-modern Linux packaging: additional reading


This document compiles 2018 coverage around post-modern packaging technologies for Linux, including packaging formats like Snaps and Flatpaks, systems like Nix and Guix and full distros such as Atomic or Clear Linux.

This curation and commentary are current as of 18 June 2018. The curation was prepared by José Miguel Parrella (@bureado) as part of his session at Open Source Summit Japan: Package Management and Distribution in a Cloud World.

We compile these resources in an effort to provide individual developers and organizations with current coverage on the state-of-the-art and motivations of the current post-modern packaging landscape with the intention to increase readiness in experimenting with, evaluating and potentially adopting said technologies.

bureado / mentoring.markdown
Last active Sep 17, 2017
Speed networking & mentoring @ Open Source Summit North America
View mentoring.markdown

Speed networking & mentoring @ Open Source Summit North America

As soon as I learned that the Linux Foundation was setting up a speed networking & mentoring session at Open Source Summit North America in Los Angeles, I signed up as a career mentor.

Over the last few years, my day job has brought me to LinuxCon, Open Source Leadership Summit, Open Source Summit and many other gatherings and allowed me to interact first-hand with participants from across the globe and I thought that this could be one more way to contribute to the event beyond speaking, etc.

This is my report back to the community on my experience as a career mentor this year.

I had the opportunity to talk to four groups of people that included high school and college students and folks in different stages of their career across industries such as airspace, government, communications, etc. The Linux F

bureado / gist:cf2ab22185cbaa090f20162837fa2cf9
Last active Jul 31, 2017
Dockerfile and ARM template for Debian package builder in ACI example
View gist:cf2ab22185cbaa090f20162837fa2cf9
# Dockerfile
FROM debian:sid
MAINTAINER Jose Miguel Parrella <>
RUN echo deb-src sid main >> /etc/apt/sources.list
RUN apt update
RUN apt -y install devscripts
RUN apt clean
bureado / gist:24e0d6b1e13c6f9a50b6
Last active Apr 29, 2016
Using docker client with a Windows Server Container Preview docker daemon in Azure (no TLS)
View gist:24e0d6b1e13c6f9a50b6

Deploy the VM and setup endpoint

  • In, go to New -> Compute -> Marketplace and search for Windows Server Container Preview.
  • Make sure the TCP 2375 endpoint is open in Azure (Settings -> Endpoint)

Enable Docker daemon networking

  • Access the VM via RDP
  • Edit C:\ProgramData\Docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd, and add -H on line 11, in the docker daemon invocation inside the run target
  • Enable docker.exe in the firewall: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Allow Docker" dir=in action=allow program="C:\windows\system32\docker.exe"
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