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burntcookie90 /
Last active Feb 23, 2021
runs linguist on ever commit since a date
for commit in $(git --no-pager log --reverse --after="2016-10-01T10:36:00-07:00" --pretty=format:%H)
echo $commit
git checkout $commit
#write linguist data to a file
echo "" >> ~/repo-linguist-report.txt
echo "commit: $commit" >> ~/repo-linguist-report.txt
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import kotlin.reflect.KProperty
//region Boolean
fun Activity.bindBool(@BoolRes id: Int) : ReadOnlyProperty<Activity, Boolean> =
burntcookie90 /
Last active Jan 12, 2021
sanderson reading guide

Lots of books, here's a way to enjoy them! Just my suggestion, I found this to be a great way to get into the overall Cosmere.


  1. Mistborn Trilogy 1
    1. The Final Empire
    2. The Well of Ascension
    3. The Hero of Ages
  2. Elantris (This is one of his first books, it has a noticabley different style, but the story is fun and has some Cosmere stuff for later)
  3. The Emporer's Soul: Elantris Novella
  4. Stormlight Archive #1 : The Way of Kings
View Foo.kt
class Foo(val id: String, val name: String, val count: Int?)
burntcookie90 / export_google_music.js
Created Jun 27, 2017 — forked from jmiserez/export_google_music.js
(fixed/updated 2016-05-10) Export your Google Music Library and Playlists (Google Play Music All Access) (see for more)
View export_google_music.js
// Jeremie Miserez <>, 2016
// A little bit of Javascript to let you export your Google Music library, playlists, and album track lists :)
// I posted this as an answer here:
// 1. Go to: (or your playlist)
// 2. Open a developer console (F12 for Chrome). Paste
// code below into the console.
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Live image for Fedora 24 doesn't boot, switch to a tty and run `dnf upgrade` as root and reboot
Use the following link to get all deps for android-studio
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Battery Rapid Charge, Integrated
System Unit Intel i5-5300U 8GB
ITC - Imaging Service 4 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 5 NONE
ITC - Imaging Service 6 NONE
ITC - Project Type NONE
ITC - Who Created The Image NONE
Camera 720p HD Camera
Shipping Country USA
AC Adapter and Power Cord 65W AC Adpt US (2pin)
View ActivityExt.kt
package io.dwak.sleepcyclealarm.extension
import android.widget.Toast
fun Activity.toast(message : String, length : Int = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT) {