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Slaying a UI Anti Pattern in ReasonML
Slaying a UI Anti Pattern in ReasonML
Based on Kris Jenkins original writing.
type remoteData 'e 'a =
| NotAsked
| Loading
| Failure 'e
| Success 'a;
type user = {
id: int,
name: string
type state = {data: remoteData string (list user)};
let se = ReasonReact.stringToElement;
let fetchData () => Success [{id: 1, name: "foo"}, {id: 2, name: "bar"}];
let component = ReasonReact.reducerComponent "View";
let displayData data =>
ReasonReact.arrayToElement (
Array.of_list (
(fun {id, name} => <div key=(string_of_int id)> (se name) </div>) data
type action = remoteData string (list user);
/* ReasonReact.NoUpdate */
let make _ => {
initialState: fun () => {data: NotAsked},
reducer: fun action state =>
switch action {
| NotAsked => ReasonReact.NoUpdate /* If you skip a possible case, you will get a warning not an error */
| Loading => ReasonReact.Update {...state, data: Loading}
| Failure msg => ReasonReact.Update {...state, data: Failure msg}
| Success data => ReasonReact.Update {...state, data: Success data}
render: fun {state, reduce} =>
switch {
| NotAsked =>
(se "Not Data Fetched Yet!")
fun _evt => {
Js.Global.setTimeout (reduce (fun () => Loading)) 10;
Js.Global.setTimeout (reduce fetchData) 2000;
ignore ()
(se "Fetch Data!")
| Loading => <div> (se "Loading Data...") </div>
| Failure msg => <div> (se ("Some Error: " ^ msg)) </div>
| Success data => <div> (se "Loaded Users") (displayData data) </div>
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jaredly commented Sep 11, 2017

There is a case missing, and the compiler will generate a warning about "not all cases are matched" -- not an error though, interestingly. If you pass NotAsked to the reduce function, then a runtime error will occur ☹️ I'd rather the compiler call it an error

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busypeoples commented Sep 11, 2017

Yes, very true. You will get a warning not an error. Definitely should be an error. Saw the warning than forgot to update the example.
Will update accordingly.

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mlms13 commented Jun 14, 2018

I'm several months late, but in case anyone else finds their way here, you can promote warnings to errors in your bsconfig.json. For example I have this:

  "warnings": {
    "error": "+8+11"

This means that warning codes 8 (missing case in pattern match) and 11 (redundant case in pattern match) are treated as errors at compile time. The full list is here

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