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Last active December 27, 2022 03:13
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const createLogger = (backgroundColor, color) => {
const logger = (message, ...args) => {
if (logger.enabled === false) {
`background-color: ${backgroundColor}; color: ${color}; padding: 2px 4px;`,
new Error("stack").stack
return logger;
const log = {
blue: createLogger("#1E88E5", "#90CAF9"),
brown: createLogger("#6D4C41", "#D7CCC8"),
gray: createLogger("#212121", "#BDBDBD"),
green: createLogger("#388E3C", "#A5D6A7"),
red: createLogger("#E53935", "#EF9A9A"),
orange: createLogger("#F4511E", "#FFAB91"),
purple: createLogger("#8E24AA", "#E1BEE7"),
yellow: createLogger("#FFD600", "#FFF59D")
module.exports = log;
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cyan33 commented Aug 3, 2018

I thought if someone works on the React team for a long time, he would probably forget how to use reduce and those fancy syntax of ES6/7. But turns out that is not the case with Brian.

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Brain, we love you! But we only have 14 hours to save your console! SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE!

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lqs469 commented Aug 3, 2018

Sometime longerMessage could be Object, will print [Object object]. Maybe use JSON.stringify(longerMessage, null, 2)?

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bvaughn commented Sep 25, 2018

Updated the gist to add stack traces as well (within a collapsed console group):

screen shot 2018-09-25 at 8 17 07 am

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