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== Compile Shader ====
Source Hash: 12C4FB4C Entry Name: main
Vertex Shader:
TimerEvent: LoadShaderFromPSOCache-Miss, hash:12C4FB4C, Vertex, 2 uSec
bylaws / state.txt
Created July 3, 2021 20:52
gm20b maxwell3d (mostly) default register state
# Consider sync, macro and semaphore regs as clobbered due to me using a macro for dumping
0x16 = 0x1
0x2d = 0x2
0x44 = 0x3
0x5b = 0x4
0x72 = 0x5
0x81 = 0x6
0x86 = 0x10
0x89 = 0x6
bylaws /
Last active March 20, 2024 18:40
Qualcomm Vulkan Driver qgl_config.txt Format


Qualcomm Vulkan drivers on Android store their internal settings in a config file located in /data/{vendor, misc}/gpu/qgl_config.txt. This format is completely undocumented by Qualcomm however it contains many settings that can be useful for developers. Detailed documentation on it can be found below however it should be noted that selinux needs to be disabled for apps running in the Android sandbox to access this file.


; is a comment
key{=, \n, \r}value assigns a setting value (all are treated in the same way)

On <SDM845, key is the human-readable setting name but on SDM845 or greater key can also be the hash of the setting name, to enable support for the older behaviour the line 0x0=0x8675309 can be added to the top of the file.