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Christian Flewelling c-flew

  • College Station, Texas
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gregoryhugaerts / nyxt.el
Last active Aug 15, 2022
some emacs nyxt commands
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(defun emacs-with-nyxt-sly-connect (host port)
"Connect Sly to HOST and PORT ignoring version mismatches."
(sly-connect host port)
(sleep-for 1))
(defvar emacs-with-nyxt-sly-nyxt-delay 0.3)
(defun emacs-with-nyxt-start-and-connect-to-nyxt (&optional no-maximize)
"Start Nyxt with swank capabilities. Optionally skip window maximization with NO-MAXIMIZE."
(async-shell-command (format "nyxt -e \"(nyxt-user::start-slynk)\""))
hjertnes / doom.txt
Created Apr 6, 2018
Doom Emacs Cheatsheet
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SPC: find file
, switch buffer
. browse files
: MX
; EX
< switch buffer
` eval
u universal arg
x pop up scratch